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Employee Resources for Career Growth and Development

As an employee, you are responsible for advocating for your training needs to help achieve your career goals. These resources will allow you to take control of your personal growth and development. It’s important that you discuss your current and long term career goals with your supervisor on a regular basis.

Instead of applying ​for approval and assuming your supervisor knows your intent, we recommend discussing training and development opportunities of interest, as most, if not all listed options require supervisory approval to participate.


Learning Plan
A Learning Plan provides an opportunity for you to share your professional goals, and to communicate your strengths and developmental needs with your supervisor. Creating an Individual Learning Plan with your supervisor will help him/her to understand what you need, how to keep moving forward, and will also help prioritize your developmental needs along with those of your team.

DOI Talent
DOI Talent is the current Department's Learning Management System. Here, you can search for, and request enrollment in training classes offered by USGS and other bureaus in DOI. Traditional classroom training, online training, and blended classes are available.

The SkillSoft Online Learning Library is a prepaid and available to all DOI employees. SkillSoft's library of over 2,000 video based courses is available 24/7 and covers a wide range of topics. SkillSoft offers courses that satisfy a number of mandatory training requirements including Diversity/EEO and Role-Based Security Training (RBST) for IT personnel. Search the online Skillsoft catalog or download the monthly PDF to see what is offered.

My DOI Career
Every career journey is unique, though some will follow similar twists and turns. DOI employs people in over 300 occupations! Follow our progress, as we continue to add occupation information and make the connections between careers at DOI.

Links to Additional Training
There are many training providers and commercial vendors that can meet your instructional needs. When you contact a vendor for training, be sure to ask if they offer a discount or special government pricing. This list is in no way comprehensive, nor an endorsement, but does provide a starting point as you look for specific training opportunities.

Leadership Development
Developing skilled leaders at all levels is extremely important to the success of the USGS in achieving its mission. This program grows our future leaders.

Mentoring Program
The USGS Mentoring Program provides cost-effective training and development to all participants, encouraging professional and personal growth. It is an effective form of knowledge transfer with a personal side that provides unique benefits to both mentoring partners.

Continuous Learning Guidance
High-performing organizations invest in employee development throughout the employees career span. The USGS is committed to being a world leader in the natural sciences through scientific excellence and responsiveness to society’s needs. To achieve this mission, developing our workforce is a priority, not an afterthought. The USGS has recommendations as you and your supervisor develop your plan.

Training and Development Strategies
What if you need more than training? What other ways can you grow and develop yourself personally and professionally? Use the provided flow chart to see what other options are available and to help you decide what options will best meet your needs.

Cross-training, Details, and Collateral Duty Opportunities
Permanent USGS employees who have supervisory support can utilize the Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP) to find new short term or permanent work reassignments. Another way to learn!
Go to @the Core, click on A-Z Index at the top, and search for Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP).

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