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Training—DOI Talent

Welcome to DOI Talent! We know you’re excited to experience your new talent management system...we’re excited to bring it to you!

Training Important Memos

Things to know about DOI talent:

  • If you have a PIV card, you no longer need to remember a password, you only need to go to DOI Talent, and it will immediately take you to the home page.
  • The Skillsoft Online Course Library of over 5200 online courses is available to all DOI Federal Employees at no cost to you.  Search the online Skillsoft catalog or download the monthly PDF from the Skillsoft site to see what is offered.  Cut/paste the title of the course into the Find Courses search in DOI Talent to find and enroll in one of these great opportunities.  Another option is to search the catalog using the Course Category field; select the Skillsoft category (be sure to include sub-categories) and refine with keywords.
  • Transcripts prior to March 2018 from DOI LEARN have been loaded to most users’ profiles.  We have just begun to load the completions for courses completed after March 1, 2018.  Your transcript will continue to grow with completions from DOI LEARN.


♦ We want to ensure you can get into the system, now, before you need to complete a required (mandatory) or chosen (self-developmental) training. ♦


Please, take a few mintues to do the following:

  • Login to DOI Talent
  • Get familiar with your home page and look at the Featured Resources and Required Courses
  • Take the 20-minute DOI Talent Employee Introductory Tutorial.
  • If you are a Supervisor, take the additional DOI Talent Supervisor Introductory Tutorial.
  • Download the User Guides/Job Aids for Users and Supervisors located under the Help option on the banner.
  • You can find more Job Aids for Users and Supervisors, download these and keep handy.
  • Confirm that your assigned Supervisor is correct.  If not, correct it by clicking on Update Supervisor on the banner.
Screenshot of DOI Talent

Have a DOI Access card but received a “Moodle” error when trying to login to DOI Talent?

  • You are among those identified with a credentialing issue.
  • Please be patient; we are working on this issue. Watch for additional emails from your bureau leadership.


Non-DOI Employee with no PIV card, How to Access DOI Talent?

  • Go to DOI Talent login page and click on Create new account.
  • There are 3 sections to the form; “Username and Password”, “More Details” and “other Fields”, please complete ALL sections.
  • ‘Username’ field:  insert the email address where you wish to receive system notifications.  This will be your DOI Talent Log in Username. Please ensure that the spelling of your email address is correct in both the username and email address fields.
  • “Organization Name” field: if known, please add here, i.e. IN08ADGGHEBD0400 ALABAMA CF & WRU
  • MANDATORY FIELD The “Domain ID” field: select IN_USG.
  • MANDATORY FIELD The "Bureau" field:  select the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. 
  • MANDATORY FIELD The "Affiliation" field:  select the option that most closely matches your situation, i.e. Volunteer or Contractor.
  • MANDATORY FIELD The "Comments" field:  Indicate whether or not you've attended training with us before or have been affiliated with DOI in the past.  Add the SUPERVISOR who you will be reporting to. 
  • Account requests that do not provide ALL requested information will be denied.

All account approvals are performed manually. Each request will be reviewed and forwarded to the Bureau sponsoring the training you are requesting and to verify that you do not already have an account in our system. We endeavor to respond to your account request within 3 business days.


What Can You Do?

  • Login to DOI Talent.  Take the DOI Talent Introductory Tutorials.
  • Register for a Wednesday Webinar session, being held every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  You can register here.  Please note that the registration for the webinars is solely through WebEx.  
  • Check out the FAQ page to learn more about DOI Talent and the transition.  This page will be updated regularly.
  • For more information about DOI Access cards/PIV cards, visit their website.

If you need assistance in navigating DOI Talent, Contact us directly.

For other support needs, contact the DOI Customer Support Center:

  • Phone: 1-888-367-1622, menu option 3, then 6 (Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 5:30 pm, Mountain)
  • Email:


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