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Non-Competitive Recruitment Sources

Under certain hiring authorities established by law or executive order, a hiring manager may hire candidates without having to go through the competitive process. Noncompetitive recruitment can be used as an alternative to posting a competitive vacancy announcement and can expedite the hiring process, especially for entry and mid-level positions.

Considering noncompetitive recruitment options before beginning the competitive process can allow for a more streamlined recruitment strategy. The following are some common noncompetitive hiring authorities you may consider and potential resources/contacts to obtain qualified candidates under these authorities.

Reach out to your servicing HR Specialist to discuss the various options using these authorities and for guidance in communicating with these resources. If you are conducting any outreach efforts as part of your recruitment, it’s important to collaborate with your servicing HR team member.

Non-Competitive Hiring Resources/Contacts (Use the scroll bar at the bottom to see the entire table.)

Hiring Option Description Resources
Disability Hiring
Schedule A Hiring
This excepted service authority is used to
appoint individuals with physical, psychiatric,
or intellectual disabilities to any position
and grade level. Such individuals can be hired
into temporary (1-year or less), time-limited
(more than 1-year) or permanent excepted
service appointments and may be eligible
for conversion to a permanent competitive
service position after two years of
satisfactory service.
Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) for
Students or Recent Graduates with Disabilities

→ To register on WRP and create an account:
Employers - Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)
State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
→ Local Colleges and Universities:
Reach out to your local colleges and universities’
disability services office to learn how to best market
and recruit students with disabilities.
Peace Corps
Returned Peace Corps
Volunteers and Staff
Agencies can appoint individuals who
have successfully completed qualifying
service in the Peace Corps for up to 1
year following completion of the service
o any position and grade level.
Note: Must clear for displaced employees
which is referred to as ICTAP through an
announcement on USAJOBS in most cases.
→ Employer Resources:

→ Post vacancy to the free Peace Corps’ interactive
job board:

→ Participate/attend a career fair:
Veteran Hiring There are several noncompetitive hiring
authorities for veterans with specific
eligibility and appointment options.
Special Hiring Authorities Available for the
Appointment of Veterans

Veterans Employment Toolkit
→ VA Vocational & Rehabilitation Employment
(VR&E) Coordinators:
Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E)
Department of Labor resource to contact
local Veteran Employment Representative

Hire a Vet | Business Center | CareerOneStop
→ Local Colleges and Universities:
Reach out to the school’s veteran’s services or
career services coordinator to learn how to best
market and recruit veteran students on campus.
Veterans’ Recruitment
Appointment (VRA)

Allows you to appoint eligible veterans
without competition to positions up to
and including the GS-11 grade level (the
full performance level may be higher).

30% or More
Disabled Veteran
Allows you to noncompetitively appoint
eligible disabled veterans to any position
and grade level.
Non-Paid Work
Experience (NPWE)
A work training program that provides
eligible veterans with the opportunity to
obtain training and practical job experience.
At the end of the training program,
you can place the NPWE participant in a
permanent position through a
noncompetitive hiring authority.
→ NPWE Resource:
VA Non-Paid Work Experience Fact Sheet
Regional Offices Websites - Veterans
Benefits Administration

→ To Learn about the NPWE Program:
Learning to Earn: VA's Non-Paid Work
Experience Program - YouTube
Spouses and
of Certain
Military members
Allows eligible spouses and widows/
widowers of certain military members to
be appointed without competition to any
position and grade level.
Note: Must clear for displaced employees
which is referred to as ICTAP through
an announcement on USAJOBS in most cases.
Military Spouse Employment Partnership
Feds Hire Vets - Job Seekers - Spouses of
Active Duty Military Members

This list is not meant to be all inclusive. Additional resources may be available.


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