Human Capital

Supervisor's Toolkit

Welcome to the Supervisor’s Toolkit. This toolkit is meant to serve as a quick reference that consolidates Human Resources information for addressing your workforce needs in one location.

Structuring Your Workforce

Workforce and Succession Planning

Classification and Position Management


Filling Your Positions

Hiring Freeze

Roles and Responsibilities

Attracting Candidates

Casting Your Net (Hiring Options)

Documentation Requirements for Recruitment Requests and Other Personnel Actions


Selecting the Right Candidate


Reference Checks


Ensuring a Successful Start



Managing Your Employees

Shutdown Furlough

Merit Promotion

Benefits and Work-Life

Documentation Requirements for Personnel Actions

Performance and Discipline


Dispute Resolution

Employee Assistance Program

Training and Development

Retaining Your Employees

Injury on the Job

Department of the Interior (DOI) Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Attendance and Leave


Workplace Violence



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