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Nadine M. Piatak-Hackley

Nadine Piatak-Hackley is a Research Geologist with the USGS Geology, Energy & Minerals (GEM) Science Center in Reston, VA.

Nadine Piatak is a Research Geologist conducting investigations to better understand the geochemical processes that control the source, transport, and fate of trace elements associated with mineral deposits and mines. Her work has involved determining the geochemical characteristics of different types of mine waste as well as waters and stream sediments influenced by mining or by natural mineral weathering providing insight into near-surface processes that impact aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and, potentially, human health. Additionally, she is investigating the life cycles of byproduct critical elements such as germanium and gallium. This work involves understanding the partitioning of byproduct elements during natural and anthropogenic processes. Aspects of this work include examining the geochemistry that leads to enrichment of byproduct critical elements in certain types ore deposits and understanding how mineralogical hosts and speciation influence their recovery efficiencies during ore-processing and refining.