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Summer Burdick

I am an applied quantitative fish ecologist focused on understanding how agricultural water allocation affects imperiled fishes in the Klamath Basin. My educational background is in quantitative population dynamics and habitat use modeling.  Most of my recent research is conducted as part of interdisciplinary collaborations with experts in various aspects of aquatic ecology.

Research Interests:                                    

The motivation for my research is determining the balance between anthropogenic water uses in the presence of a changing climate and the ecological needs of aquatic communities in the Klamath Basin. I am interested in understanding how water quality and availability affect when, where and how imperiled fish interact with both lotic and lentic environments at all life stages.  My research interests extend from salmon and trout species to endangered suckers of the Klamath Basin.  The primary goal of my present research is to identify and rank factors responsible for high apparent juvenile mortality of two ESA listed species, Lost River and shortnose suckers. My recent research includes 1) understanding the effects of agricultural water use on shoreline sucker spawning habitat, 2) a comprehensive survey of juvenile sucker health and condition relative to water quality, 3) investigating the link between water-quality and juvenile sucker mortality using in-lake mesocosms, 4) understanding long-term trends in water-quality, instream flow, and annual year class formation of suckers in the Upper Klamath basin, and 5) mapping juvenile sucker food webs in Upper Klamath Lake using stable isotopes.