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Behavioral Ecology of Micronesian Kingfishers on Pohnpei

Use of a surrogate subspecies in recovery of the birds from Guam

Closeup photo of hands holding medium-sized bird.
In order to understand life historytraits such as survival and dispersalof Micronesian Kingfishers,individuals are marked with uniquecombinations of coloredleg bands​​​​​​​as chicks. (Public domain.)

Among the four described subspecies of Micronesian Kingfisher, one is extinct, the Guam birds are only in captivity (n= 50), birds on Palau are doing poorly, and Pohnpei birds may be declining. Thus, our efforts have been to study the behavior and ecology of the healthiest population (Pohnpei) so we can begin to mitigate future loss of wild populations, improve husbandry for the captive program, and facilitate reintroduction of Guam birds to the wild. 

This project ties in with Species at Risk goals set by USGS and is carried out in close collaboration with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy on Pohnpei, the Guam Division of Wildlife and Aquatic Resources, and many U.S. zoos.

USGS Mission Tie In: The project ties in with USGS Species at Risk program and with the overall mission of USGS to restore or enhance vulnerable or declining populations and habitats.

Locations: Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia; Guam Web Sites:None created 

FSM Historic Preservation Office and Pohnpei Forestry Department
The Nature Conservancy on Pohnpei