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The Office of International Programs consists of three branches: International Science Advisors, International Science Support, and International Science Collaboration.


William L Cunningham

Director - Office of International Programs

Kevin Kunkel

Chief, Branch of International Science Support (BISS)

Alex Holland

Chief, Branch of International Science Collaboration

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
International Specialist, Canada and Europe A-F Michelle Alexander 703-648-6016
Remote Sensing and Water Resources Specialist Saud Amer 703-648-6686
International Science Advisor, Biology Matthew Andersen 703-648-6058
International Specialist, Africa, Middle East/India/Former Soviet Union ILona Bentsi-Enchill 703-648-7154
(Acting) Regional Science Advisor for Latin America, Caribbean, and Canada (Western Hemisphere) Gustavo Bisbal, Ph.D. 541-224-4761
International Specialist, Europe G-Z Cathi Bowles 703-648-6056
Chief Scientist for Climate and Land Use Change Virginia Burkett
Director - Office of International Programs William L Cunningham 703-648-5005
International Program Specialist Carmen Diaz-Pensler 703-648-6685
Regional Science Advisor, Africa and the Middle East Jeff L Doebrich 703-648-6103
Research Hydrologist Daniel J Goode 717-571-8783
International Specialist, Caribbean/Central America/South America/Mexico Olivia Grant 703-648-6044
Administrative Specialist, Afghanistan Project Kimberly Griffin 703-648-5853
Computer Scientist Michelle Guy 303-273-8650
Chief, Branch of International Science Collaboration Alex Holland 703-648-6694
Acting Executive Secretary Megan Jahnke 443-498-5500
Administrative Officer (Acting) Joseph P Jenkins 443-498-5512
Chief, Branch of International Science Support (BISS) Kevin Kunkel 703-648-6043
International Agreement Specialist, MOU's Rebecca Lyday 703-648-6046
Hydrogeologist Thomas J Mack, PG 603-226-7805
Regional Science Advisor, Asia & Pacific Jack Medlin 703-648-6062
International Science Advisor, Geology Said Mirzad 703-648-6623
Graduate Student (Geologist-CSM) Kendall Wnuk -- --