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Group Installed Coast Cam in Puerto Rico

Detailed Description

A team from the USGS St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center went to Puerto Rico to install new Coast Cams to monitor how the beach and shoreline change through time. These cameras will allow the team to make predictions of how the coast will respond during storms and hurricanes.

They are also deploying oceanographic buoys to measure wave conditions, water level, and wind estimates. These data will be used to validate numerical models for future expansion of the Total Water Level and Coastal Change Forecast.

From left to right: Mark Buckley, Legna Torres-Garcia, Priscila Vargas-Babilonia (Student Services Contractor), Meg Palmsten, Dave Thompson, Justin Birchler, BJ Reynolds, and Luis Perez-Squeo (Student Services Contractor). 

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Used with permission from Priscila Vargas-Babilonia and Luis Perez-Squeo.