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Date published: August 18, 2019

News Briefs - February/March 2019

Coastal and marine news highlights. 

Date published: August 15, 2019

CMHRP Lidar Coordinator/NGP Associate National Map Liaison invited as Keynote Speaker at the 2019 South Florida GIS Expo

Xan Fredericks, Lidar Coordinator for the Coastal-Marine Hazards and Resources Program and Associate National Map Liaison to Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands for the National Geospatial Program (NGP), has been invited by the Palm Beach Countywide GIS Forum to be the Keynote Speaker for the 2019 South Florida GIS Expo.

Date published: August 14, 2019

Coastal erosion researcher quoted in news coverage of fatal California cliff collapse

USGS researcher quoted in major news stories about the August 2 coastal cliff collapse that killed three people on a beach in Encinitas, California


Publication Thumbnail
Year Published: 2019

Rapid inundation of the southern Florida coastline despite low relative sea-level rise rates during the late-Holocene

Sediment cores from Florida Bay, Everglades National Park were examined to determine ecosystem response to relative sea-level rise (RSLR) over the Holocene. High-resolution multiproxy analysis from four sites show freshwater wetlands transitioned to mangrove environments 4–3.6 ka, followed by estuarine environments 3.4–2.8 ka, during a period of...

Jones, Miriam; Wingard, G. Lynn; Stackhouse, Bethany; Keller, Katherine; Willard, Debra A.; Marot, Marci E.; Landacre, Bryan D.; Bernhardt, Christopher E.

Publication Thumbnail
Year Published: 2019

An introduction to the “Oceans and Society: Blue Planet” Initiative

We live on a blue planet, and Earth’s waters benefit many sectors of society. The future of our blue planet is increasingly reliant on the services delivered by marine, coastal and inland waters and on the advancement of effective, evidence-based decisions on sustainable development. “Oceans and Society: Blue Planet” (hereafter denoted as “GEO...

Smail, Emily A; DiGiacomo, Paul; Seeave, Sophie; Djavidnia, Samy; Celliers, Louis; Le Traon, Pierre-Yves; Gault, Jeremy; Escobar-Briones, Elva; Plag, Hans-Peter; Pequignet, Christine; Bajona, Lenore; Zhang, Lin; Pearlman, Jay; Steven, Andy; Hodge, Jon; Racault, Fanny-Mae; Storlazzi, Curt D.; Skirving, Willam

Publication Thumbnail
Year Published: 2019

Offshore shallow structure and sediment distribution, Point Sur to Point Arguello, central California

This publication consists of three map sheets that display shallow geologic structure, along with sediment distribution and thickness, for an about 225-km-long offshore section of the central California coast between Point Sur and Point Arguello. Each map sheet includes three maps, at scales of either 1:150,000 or 1:200,000, as well as a set of...

Johnson, Samuel Y.; Hartwell, Stephen R.; Watt, Janet T.; Beeson, Jeffrey W.; Dartnell, Peter
Johnson, S.Y., Hartwell, S.R., Watt, J.T., Beeson, J.W., and Dartnell, P., 2019, Offshore shallow structure and sediment distribution, Point Sur to Point Arguello, central California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2018–1158, 3 sheets, scales 1:150,000 and 1:200,000,