Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Recovery Activities

Equipment Repair and Replacement—Seismic/Geomagnetic Monitoring Assets in Puerto Rico

USGS supports public safety related to national earthquake, tsunami, and geomagnetic storm warnings.

Damage to the Seismic and Geomagnetic Instruments

seismic site damage in Puerto Rico

Seismic site damage in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

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Hurricane Maria caused a total collapse of the Puerto Rico communication and power infrastructure, including the National Warning System (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and National Weather Service (NOAA) radio. In addition to the communication damage, many of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN) stations were damaged. Supplemental appropriations will repair and replace damaged equipment, and 25 seismic stations will be replaced with higher quality sensors, providing better data and more reliable communications. Supplemental appropriations will also expand data sharing among the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, the Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program and the USGS to improve data products. These activities will provide more rapid access to data for the research communities.

Damage to the Global Seismographic Network (GSN) in San Juan and stations in Barbuda (ANWB) and Grand Turk (GTRK) were also repaired.



installing new equipment

Installing new equipment in Puerto Rico.

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