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Date published: October 9, 2018

New USGS Data Release Product

Data Release: Volcanic ash leachate and rainwater chemistry from increased 2018 activity of Kīlauea Volcano, Hawaiʻi

Date published: September 27, 2018

Preliminary summary of Kīlauea Volcano's 2018 lower East Rift Zone eruption and summit collapse

Overview of Kīlauea Volcano's activity from April 30 through September 22, 2018.

Date published: September 18, 2018

USGS Science – Leading the Way for Preparedness

Learn About USGS Hazards Science and More About National Preparedness Month: The very nature of natural hazards means that they have the potential to impact a majority of Americans every year.  USGS science provides part of the foundation for emergency preparedness whenever and wherever disaster strikes.

Date published: September 3, 2018

Scientists Discover New Clues to Mount St. Helens Unusual Location

The atypical location of Mount St. Helens may be due to geologic structures that control where deep magmas can rise through the crust, as suggested by new findings published today in Nature Geoscience.

Date published: August 5, 2018

60 years since the 1959 M7.3 Hebgen Lake earthquake: its history and effects on the Yellowstone region

Yellowstone Caldera Chronicles is a weekly column written by scientists and collaborators of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. This week's contribution is...

Date published: July 31, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions about Kīlauea Summit Subsidence

We've compiled some Frequently Asked Questions that address the reasons behind the current activity summit activity and what might happen over the next several months.

Date published: July 26, 2018

MEDIA ADVISORY: Join GeoGirls at Mount St. Helens August 1

Twenty-five middle-school girls from Washington and Oregon are participating in the fourth annual “GeoGirls” outdoor volcano science program at Mount St. Helens, jointly organized by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Mount St. Helens Institute.

Date published: July 19, 2018

15 July 2018 - Preliminary analysis of the Kīlauea lower East Rift Zone eruption: Fissure 8 prognosis and ongoing hazards

Reviews Kīlauea Volcano's ongoing lower East Rift Zone eruption, focusing on the fissure 8 vent, channel, and ocean entry, and describing a credible set of future scenarios and uncertainties, as guide for managing hazards and risks.

Date published: July 18, 2018

Littoral hydrovolcanic explosions: a case study of lava—seawater interction at Kīlauea Volcano

A variety of hydrovolcanic explosions may occur as basaltic lava flows into the ocean.

Date published: July 5, 2018

29 June 2018 - Volcanic Hazard at the Summit of Kīlauea Update

A guide for understanding current activity and hazards at and around the summit of Kīlauea Volcano, summarizing activity from late April through June 29, 2018, and possible future outcomes.