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The USGS Volcano Hazards Program office is located in Reston, Virginia. Staff from each of the five U.S. Volcano Observatories and the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program work to accomplish the objectives of the Program office. 

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Wendy K. Stovall

Deputy Scientist-in-Charge
Acting Associate Program Coordinator
Communications Specialist

Jacky Verna

Supervisory Financial Specialist

Ryan McClymont

Public Affairs Specialist - Western States

Jacob B. Lowenstern

Director, Volcano Disaster Assistance Program

Jessica L Ball, Ph.D.

Volcano Hazard Assessment and Communication Specialist

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Volcanologist Nathan Andersen 360-993-8900
Scientist Emeritus Victoria F. Avery
Geographer Joseph A. Bard 360-993-8908
Volcano Seismologist Ninfa L. Bennington, Ph.D. 9077867046
Geologist (NAGT) Emily Bryant 360-993-8992
Scientist-in-Charge Andrew Todd Calvert, Ph.D. 650-329-5276
Geophysicist Jefferson C Chang, Ph.D. 808-967-8818
Hydrologic Technician Tami S Christianson 360-993-8945
Gas Geochemist Laura Clor 360-993-8993
IT Specialist Christian Condra
Scientist-in-Charge, Alaska Volcano Observatory Michelle L. Coombs, Ph.D. 907-786-7403
Geophysicist Amberlee P. Darold 360-993-8924
Volcanologist Natalia Irma Deligne
Research Geophysicist Roger Patrick Denlinger, Ph.D. 360-993-8904
Volcanologist - VDAP Angie Diefenbach 360-993-8957
Volcanologist Hannah R. Dietterich, Ph.D. 907-786-7474
Volcanologist Drew T. Downs 808-967-7328
Outreach Specialist/Hydrologist Carolyn Driedger 360-993-8907
Geophysicist: Geodetic Network Manager Andria (Andi) P. Ellis 808-967-7328
Volcanologist John W. Ewert 360-993-8912
Research Geophysicist Ashton F. Flinders, Ph.D. 808-967-8825
Geologist, IT Systems Administration Scott E. Graham 360-993-8965
Volcanologist - VDAP Julia Griswold 360-993-8949
Research Geophysicist Matt Haney 907-786-7111
Volcano Stratigrapher Christopher Harpel
Geologist / Geochemist Lauren N. Harrison, Ph.D. 650-329-5261
Scientist-in-Charge Ken Hon, Ph.D. 808-967-8853
Administrative Operations Assistant Anthony C. Isham 360-993-8962
Research Hydrologist Emeritus Richard M. Iverson 360-993-8920
Management Analyst Sara Jivanjee
Volcanologist Emily R. Johnson, PhD 360-993-8972
Research Geophysicist Arthur Jolly
Research Geophysicist Jim Kauahikaua 808-967-8824
Gas Geochemist Peter Kelly 360-993-8950
Research Physicist Christoph Kern 360-993-8922
Geophysicist Rebecca L. Kramer 360-993-8930
Geologist Hannah Kruse 360-993-8900
Geophysicist Martin LaFevers 360-993-8902
Volcanic Geochemist Allan Lerner
Geophysicist Andrew Best Lockhart 360-699-8926
Research Geologist Matthew Loewen 907-786-7036
Director, Volcano Disaster Assistance Program Jacob B. Lowenstern 360-993-8946
Petrologist Jordan Lubbers 907-786-7118
Volcanologist - Petrologist Kendra J. Lynn, Ph.D. 808-967-8844
Volcano Geophysicist John Lyons 907-786-7422
Scientist-in-Charge Jon Major 360-993-8927
Program Coordinator Charles W. Mandeville 703-648-4773
Associate Director, VDAP Jeffery Marso 360-993-8928
Physical Volcanologist Larry G. Mastin, Ph.D. 360-993-8925
Geoscience Advisor Gari Mayberry 202-712-0692
Volcano Seismologist Wendy McCausland 360-993-8985
Operational Geophysicist Megan McLay 360-993-8994
Physical Science Technician Robert Mertens 360-993-8973
Field Engineer Brian Meyers
Facility Operations Manager William J. Million 808-967-8872
Research Geophysicist Michael Albert Mitchell, Ph.D. 650-329-5083
Research Geophysicist, Volcano Geodesist Emily Montgomery-Brown 650-329-5227
Volcano Seismologist Seth Moran, Ph.D. 360-993-0925
Geologist & VHP Lidar Coordinator Adam R. Mosbrucker 360-993-8975
Volcanologist Patricia A. Nadeau 808-967-7328
Volcanologist Emeritus Manuel Nathenson 650-329-5292
Science Center Director Christina A. Neal 907-786-7458
Hydrogeochemist Emeritus D. Kirk Nordstrom 303-541-3037
Information Technology Specialist Charles T. Olin 907-786-7072
Geologist Tim R. Orr 907-786-7046
Scientist Emeritus John S. Pallister 360-993-8964
Administrative Operations Assistant Jonathan Parrish 360-993-8973
Research Geologist Matthew Patrick, Ph.D. 808-967-8861
Supervisory Geophysicist Benjamin A. Pauk 360-993-8992
Research Geophysicist Jeremy D. Pesicek, Ph.D. 360-993-8998
Administrative Operations Assistant Kevin H. Pesola 360-993-8963
Deputy Scientist-in-Charge David Phillips, Ph.D. 808-967-8827
Administrative Operations Assistant Taryn M. Plummer
Scientist in Charge Michael Poland 360-993-8900
Volcano Seismologist John A. Power 907-786-7426
Geologist David W. Ramsey 360-993-8978
Software Engineer Michael Randall 360-993-8991
Geophysicist Cyrus Whitney Read 907-786-7469
Physical Science Technician Aaron P. Rinehart
Geologist Joel E. Robinson
Volcanologist Emeritus William E Scott 360-993-8942
Volcanologist Sally Sennert 202-633-1805
Deputy Director Brian Shiro, Ph.D. 303-273-8515
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Kurt Spicer 360-993-8944
Geomorphologist, Physical Geographer Dennis Michael Staley 907-786-7423
Deputy Scientist-in-Charge Wendy K. Stovall 360-993-8911
Electronic Engineering Technician Kelly J. Swinford 360-993-8956
Volcano Seismologist Weston Thelen 360-993-8977
Research Geologist Frank Trusdell 808-967-8812
Supplemental Budget Analyst Samuel Tunes
Research Geologist James W. Vallance 360-993-8959
Volcanologist Alexa Van Eaton, Ph.D. 360-993-8955
Supervisory Financial Specialist Jacky Verna 360-993-8953
Volcanologist Kristi Wallace 907-786-7497
Research Geophysicist Aaron Wech 907-786-7464
Volcano Seismologist — VDAP Jay Wellik 360-993-8995
Volcanologist - VDAP Heather M. Wright 360-993-8916
Research Geophysicist, Emeritus Jeff Wynn, PhD 360-844-3490
Field Engineer E. Frank Younger