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Volcano Notifications Deliver Situational Information

Volcano-alert notifications are produced by Volcano Observatory scientists and are based on analysis of data from monitoring networks, direct observations, and satellite sensors.

They are issued for both increasing and decreasing volcanic activity and include text about the nature of the unrest or eruption and about potential or current hazards and likely outcomes. Scientists describe a volcano's status using the alert levels and color codes and issue different types of notifications to address specific information needs. All notifications are publicly available. 

Volcano Activity Notice (VAN) Announces alert-level changes or significant volcanic activity within an alert level; covers all volcanic hazards—lahars (volcanic mudflows), lava flows, ashfall, airborne ash, pyroclastic flows.
Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Update Scheduled update providing steady situational awareness.
Status Report Update about volcanic behavior or monitoring activities during ongoing events of unrest or eruption.
Volcano Observatory Notice 

for Aviation (VONA)
Aviation-sector specific (for pilots, dispatchers, air-traffic managers, meteorologists); focuses on ash emissions.
Information Statement Topical information such as explanation of non-volcanic events at a volcano, changes in monitoring installations, long-term prognoses, etc.

How to obtain Volcano Alert Notifications

For information about volcanoes outside of the United States, visit the Smithsonian Institute's Global Volcanism Program.