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The CMHRP Decadal Science Strategy 2020-2030

This geonarrative constitutes the Decadal Science Strategy of the USGS's Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program for 2020 to 2030.

A pyramid broken up into 4 pieces stacked on top of each other to show the framework of a research program.
Strategic FrameworkThe CMHRP uses four overarching approaches to develop our research program

The Decadal Science Strategy of the Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program (CMHRP) describes the CMHRP's vision and mission and the strategic framework needed to support key program goals: Conduct research and develop science-based tools that lead to safer, more productive coastal communities and improved stewardship of natural resources.

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Strategic Framework
The CMHRP uses four overarching approaches to develop our research program

The CMHRP's high quality reputation is built on scientific integrity, expertise, and collaboration with partners

CMHRP invests in diverse capabilities to achieve our mission.

The CMHRP creates a bridge between the research community and decision makers

Environments: See where we work

Photo of an estuary with water and grassy land from where a man operates remotely controlled equipment attached to a wire.
Estuaries and Wetlands
Photo of a coastal cliff with an apartment building right at the edge of the cliff.
Open Coasts
Illustration looking into a bay as if the water has been drained out of it, to show what the bay floor looks like.
Continental Shelf
Computer illustration looking at the land and ocean with all of the water drained away, to show the undersea features.
Continental Slope and Deep Sea

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