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Gregory Gunther

Greg Gunther is the Project Chief and Supervisor for the USGS Central Energy Resources Science Center Data Management Service Project.  He has specialized in all facets of scientific data management and governance for the USGS and as a consultant for 25 years.

Greg has an extensive and diverse background in Information Management Technologies (IMT) specializing in all phases of the Scientific Data Management Lifecycle.  He is an active leader in the USGS and Petroleum data community, serves on numerous USGS and industry data-related committees and communities of practice, experience in international data management capacity building, and has a wide range of IMT technical experience in scientific content curation, accessibility and delivery.


  • Communities of Practice/Committees:  USGS Council for Data Integration, US State Dept Energy Governance Capacity Initiative, USGS EarthMAP Capacity Assessment, Professional Petroleum Data Management Association
  • GIS: ESRI Suite, model development, ESRI programming APIs, system architecture
  • IMT:  Python, Jupyter Labs (DevOps), Cloud (AWS), JavaScript, Java, C#, relational database (PostGRES, Oracle)
  • Accessible data:  Linked data, catalog development and curation, semantics/ontologies, API development
  • Data governance/management:  data steward network development, data curation, system occurrence, metadata (ISO 199115, FGDC, Dublin Core) management, data sharing and delivery, web-enabled data (APIs)