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RCA-EO provides a centralized source of information about Earth observing systems to include parameters such as geographic coverage, horizontal and vertical resolution, measurement accuracy, and sampling interval.

EO capabilities satisfy requirements. RCA-EO provides a structured database for documenting past, present, and future Earth observing systems and their associated products and services. Information about each capability includes what is observed, where it is observed, how often, and how accurately. This information can be compared to user requirements to determine how well a current or future capability meets user requirements.

USGS Capabilities Activities

  • Document, assess, and characterize key Earth observation solutions and capabilities:
    • Networks
    • Systems
    • Platforms
    • Sensors
    • Products
    • Services
  • Validate Earth observing data and systems through system characterization and performance assessment
  • Promote understanding and communication of Earth observation capabilities and technologies
  • Support research and development for Earth observation technologies

Land Remote Sensing Satellites Online Compendium

The Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) Land Remote Sensing Satellites Online Compendium ( provides detailed information on past, current and future land remote sensing satellites and their sensors.

The scope of the capabilities database potentially includes any key observing system of interest to the U.S. government. Initially it will be populated by moderate resolution data and other satellites of the highest interest to the USGS, and will be expanded to include key observing systems of interest to USGS and other Federal agencies, such as satellite, airborne, and ground-based observing systems.

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