Amy McHugh


Amy McHugh is a hydrologist with the USGS New Jersey Water Science Center. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999, and joined the NJWSC as an intern in 2000. She began work as a streamgager - collecting data and computing surface water records for the data section. She continued to expand her surface water knowledge, and documented two historic floods in the state. Amy was the main point of contact for the NJWSC as she regularly communicated with the public, consultants, and other professionals regarding general surface water flow information, interpretation, application, and data acquisition & availability. She has experience computing theoretical flood flows, aided by the use of HEC-RAS and -HMS. Since 2006, Amy’s focus has been mainly on streamflow statistics, trends, and water availability. As Chief of the Low Flow Project in New Jersey, she manages a network of partial-record surface water sites which are used with long-term continuous gages in computing low flow statistics.  Her extensive knowledge of local geology, water use, and history of streamflow records coupled with the use of regression methods, GIS, and data mining are used to estimate low-flow statistics at ungaged locations for the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s point-source permitting group. 


B.S. Environmental Science, minor Geology, University of Pittsburgh, 1999