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Cynthia Wallace

Cynthia Wallace is a Research Geographer with the U. S. Geological Survey’s Southwest Geographic Science Team.

Her current research uses satellite imagery, spatial analysis and GIS to inform natural resource management, map natural phenomena, and characterize the spatial and temporal variability of the landscape. She earned a Ph. D. in Geography and Regional Development from the University of Arizona. Her doctoral research used Fourier transforms and geostatistics to extract temporal and spatial information from remotely sensed data for mapping wildlife habitat. Prior to her position with the USGS, Cynthia worked at the Arizona Remote Sensing Center on the University of Arizona campus, where she contributed to several interdisciplinary projects. Cynthia also has a background in geology: she earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and geology from the University of Minnesota at Duluth, a Masters degree in geology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and she worked as a minerals exploration geologist for over 12 years.