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Edward F Roseman, PhD

Edward Roseman is a Research Fisheries Biologist based in Ann Arbor, MI.

The emphasis of my research program as Research Fish Biologist centers on aquatic habitat restoration and aquatic science to evaluate and inform management decisions. A substantial portion of my research takes place in Great Lakes Areas of Concern and addresses ecological issues of exceptional interest to the scientific and professional community. I am frequently sought for my expertise in fish early life history (eggs and larvae) sampling and identification and routinely approach my work from an early life history perspective. Results of my research are used to inform management decisions regarding restoration of aquatic habitat and populations that will improve resiliency, ecosystem services, and add value to our natural resources.

Great Lakes aquatic ecosystems are complex, and my research frequently involves development of innovative research tools or unique adaptations of existing methods to accomplish research and management objectives. The scope of my research spans from river and lake-specific research within the Great Lakes basin including connecting waters to global fish population and habitat issues related to restoring Coregonines (e.g., whitefishes and ciscos) in the Baltic Sea and large rivers of the world. The complexity of my research is exacerbated by a multi-jurisdictional international management environment and the frequent need to replace team members lost to attrition. I routinely provide technical assistance related to habitat restoration, serve on Lake Huron and Lake Erie technical committees, supervise the Early Life History and Connecting Waters research laboratory, serve on the Center’s safety and small boats committees, and I supervise several contracted employees.

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