Jason S Alexander

Jason is a fluvial geomorphologist whose work typically focuses on the interface(s) between river processes and physical habitats of river-dependent species. Jason spent four years as a water-resources consultant in California and Colorado before entering graduate school to study the effects of operations of Flaming Gorge Dam on the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument. 


After a brief stint with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Jason joined the USGS in the Nebraska Water Science Center in 2007. While in Nebraska, Jason worked on river-sediment related problems in the Niobrara, Platte, Belle-Fourche and Missouri Rivers. Jason’s interest in river sandbars grew into a PhD project at the University of Wyoming, which he completed in 2020. He re-joined the USGS in the Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center in 2018. Currently Jason works on sediment-related projects in creeks and rivers of Wyoming and Montana. Jason enjoys canoeing, rafting, nordic and downhill skiing, running, and mountain biking…in that order.


B.S. Geology – Colorado State University

B.S. Watershed Science – Colorado State University

M.S. Watershed Science (Fluvial Geomorphology) – Utah State University

PhD Geology and Geophysics (Fluvial Geomorphology) – University of Wyoming