Jenn Fair, PhD


Jenn Hoyle Fair is a catchment scientist and water resource engineer with a background in watershed management planning, hydrology and hydraulics of river restoration, and measurement and modeling of catchment nutrient and carbon fluxes. For her doctorate research at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies she focused on the hydrologic controls on dissolved organic carbon flux in nested catchments of the Passumpsic River watershed, a 500 square mile watershed encompassing the USGS Sleepers River Research Watershed in northeastern Vermont, USA. Fair has experience with design, installation, and maintenance of a network of in situ water quality sensors (including fDOM), correction and management of large timeseries of water quality and hydrology data, and programming of rainfall-runoff and solute transport models. Prior to her doctoral work Fair worked as a water resource engineer on management of the Catskills region for protection of the NYC water supply, including recovery from Hurricane Irene in the Catskills, and received a masters degree from Yale F&ES focused on watershed management for drinking water supply protection. Fair began work as a hydrologist at the USGS New England Water Science Center in November 2018. Her work at the USGS is currently focused on flood risk modeling.



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