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John Clune, PhD

John Clune is a Hydrologist with USGS and his research interests include 1) environmental drivers and responses of nutrients and sediment in streams with an emphasis on the effectiveness of conservation practices and 2) geochemical studies of groundwater focusing on quality of drinking water for the protection of public health.


Ph.D. Forest Resources, 2021, Penn State University
  Dissertation: Toward Development of Nutrient Criteria for Streams of Pennsylvania

M.S. Biology, 2008, East Stroudsburg University
  Thesis: Nutrient Supply Rates Relationships for Primary Production of Shallow Streams in the Mid-Atlantic States

B.S. Civil Engineering, 2000, University of Pittsburgh

Other Related Experience
Adjunct professor for stream ecology at York College, Pennsylvania. Provided research for the National Park Service (Grand Teton), US Army Corps of Engineers, University of Pittsburgh, Queens University Belfast, UTC Pratt and Whitney, and Lackawanna Conservation District.

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