Jordan S Read, PhD


Bio: Jordan S Read is chief of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Data Science Branch in the Water Resources Mission Area. Jordan’s data science projects include data visualizations, reproducible workflows, and integrating process knowledge into machine learning methods to improve environmental predictions.

Jordan received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012 in environmental fluid mechanics. His dissertation “Physical processes in small temperate lakes” included the study of temperature dynamics and gas fluxes in 40 lakes distributed around the world, as well as the engineering of experimental lake manipulations. Jordan is currently a principal investigator for the Long Term Ecological Research – North Temperate Lakes, is a Lead-PI on a project to modeling climate change impacts on lake temperatures and has served as a steering committee member of the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network. Jordan is an associate editor of the journal "Limnology and Oceanography Letters".


Upcoming Publications

Hampton SE, AWE Galloway, SM Powers, T Ozersky, KH Woo, RD Batt, SG Labou, CM O'Reilly, S Sharma, NR Lottig, EH Stanley, RL North, JD Stockwell, RAdrian, GA Weyhenmeyer, L Arvola, HM Baulch, I Bertani, LL Bowman, CC Carey, J Catalan, W Colom‐Montero, LM Domine, M Felip, I Granados, C Gries, HP Grossart, J Haberman, M Haldna, B Hayden, SN Higgins, JC Jolley, KK Kahilainen, E Kaup, MJ Kehoe, S MacIntyre, AW Mackay, HL Mariash, RM McKay, B Nixdorf, P Nõges, T Nõges, M Palmer, DC Pierson, DM Post, MJ Pruett, M Rautio, JS Read, SL Roberts, J Rücker, S Sadro, EA Silow, DE Smith, RW Sterner, GEA Swann, MA Timofeyev, M Toro, MR Twiss, RJ Vogt, SB Watson, EJ Whiteford, MA Xenopoulos. 2017. Ecology Under Lake Ice. Ecology Letters. 20: 98-111. doi:10.1111/ele.12699