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Jordan S Read, PhD

Jordan Read, PhD, is the Chief of the Data Science Branch for the USGS Water Resources Mission Area.

Jordan S. Read is chief of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Data Science Branch in the Water Resources Mission Area. Jordan built a data science team in 2016 to advance the USGS’s ability to develop novel, accurate, timely and data-intensive modeling techniques that inform scientists and the public of changes to the quantity and quality of the nation’s water. Jordan's primary training is in physical limnology and numerical modeling and current research draws on skills in aquatic ecology, time series analyses, advanced environmental sensing, data-mining, and ecoinformatics, modeling, and synthesis. Jordan’s research themes are: 1) understand and predict impacts of changing climate and land-use on lake and stream ecosystems, and 2) the use of lakes or stream networks as model systems to test and develop predictive architectures that integrate process knowledge into a new class of advanced machine learning methods  called “knowledge-guided machine learning”.



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