Liam Schenk

Liam Schenk is a hydrologist with the Oregon Water Science center since 2011, with prior work as a hydrologic technician and hydrologist at the USGS Arkansas Water Science Center from 2008-2011.  Liam conducts and collaborates on water quality and hydrologic studies in cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies and tribal organizations.


At the Oregon WSC, Liam is a member of the surface water team and conducts a variety of studies in both fluvial and lentic environments on water quality, sediment and nutrient transport, sediment fingerprinting, sediment transport during deep reservoir drawdowns, and mercury in surface waters.  He has worked on projects across Oregon, including in the the Upper Willamette, Deschutes, Malheur, and Klamath basins. 

Much of Liam's research is focused on the upper Klamath Basin, evaluating water quality dynamics in Upper Klamath Lake, and assessing nutrient and sediment loading into the lake using turbidity and acoustic backscatter surrogate models and multi-variate weighted regression models.  Liam is also evaluating physical variables that effect water quality in upper Klamath Lake using machine learning models, and is on the USGS research team evaluating sediment budgets on the lower Klamath River prior to the anticipated removal of four hydroelectric dams.

Liam received his B.Sc. in Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and an M.S. in Geology from the University of Arkansas.