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Neil M Dubrovsky

Neil Dubrovsky is a Scientist Emeritus in the USGS Water Resources Mission Area, Earth System Processes Division (ESPD), Water Resources Assessments Branch.

I have been a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey for over 30 years. I spent most of this time focusing on large-scale multidisciplinary water-quality investigations as a manager for the USGS’s National Water Quality Program (see USGS Circular 1350 "Nutrients in the Nation’s Streams and Groundwater, 1992-2004"). Prior to this I conducted studies on trace elements, nutrients, and pesticides in rivers and groundwater in California. I have been fortunate to work on a broad range of topics, including surficial processes (M.A.), the geochemistry of abandoned coal mines (Pennsylvania DEP), the geochemistry of inactive uranium tailing (Ph.D), and nonpoint contaminants from intensive agriculture. I am particularly interested in redox controls on contaminant migration, chemical transport between groundwater and streams, and integration of transport process understanding into large-scale models.


Professional Experience

  • Professional Studies/Experience

    2016 – 2017:  Chief, NAWQA Surface Water Assessment.

    2012 – 2016: NWQP/NAWQA Western Region Program Officer.

    2003 – 2012: Chief, NAWQA Nutrients and Trace Elements National Synthesis team.

    1996 – 2002: Program Chief for hydrologic investigations for the Central Valley Program, California WSC, USGS..

    1990 – 96: Chief, San Joaquin-Tulare Basins study team of the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) program.

    1986 – 89:  Chief, Central Valley RASA Phase II Study, Areal and depth distribution of trace elements in regional aquifers, San Joaquin Valley.

Education and Certifications

  • Education

    Ph.D    Hydrogeology  1986   University of Waterloo   Ontario Canada

    M.A.   Geomorphology  1977  SUNY Binghamton NY

    B.A.    Geology 1974   Tufts University  Medford, MA

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