Paul F Schuster

A Hydrologist with the Water Mission Area, Earth Systems Process Division (ESPD), (Hydro-Eco Interactions Branch (HEIB) in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1987, he has been a principal investigator on many large scale and diverse hydrologic studies.


Paul's research and monitoring work has included many national-scale studies such as acid rain studies, Grand Canyon flood reconstruction studies, paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental pollution studies on the glaciers of Wyoming, aquatic cycling of mercury and climate change studies as far south as the Florida Everglades and as far north as the Yukon River Basin, Alaska. Paul has been the laboratory supervisor all of these studies, including the Water, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budget (WEBB) Program. Paul encourages interactions among scientists and non scientists of diverse backgrounds and disciplines.



Rutgers University, Cook College          Geology/Geography      B.S. 1986

Brookdale Community College              Mathematics                 A.A. 1983



1995-Present:  Research Hydrologist, Yukon River Project, Climate and Land Use Mission Area

2009-Present: Laboratory Supervisor, Water, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budgets (WEBB) Project

1989-2004: Senior scientist, Global Ice-Core Research Project

1995-1999: Senior scientist, Aquatic Cycling of Mercury in the Everglades Project

1987-1993: Senior staff scientist of the Corrosion By Wet Precipitation Project.

1986-1987: Hydrologist on the Cape may, N.J. Salt-water Intrusion Project

1984-1986: Hydrologic technician on the N.J. Pine Barrens Acid Rain Project.

1984: Laboratory Assistant, Rutgers University, Cook College




Ion Chromatography                                                   Animal Behavior

Geochemistry for Ground-water Systems                  Aquatic Chemistry

Isotope Hydrology                                                      Off-road Driving

Basic Helicopter/Airplane Safety                               Motorboat operations

Avalanche Safety                                                        Report Planning

CPR Certification                                                       Firearms Safety

Wilderness/Advanced First Aid                                 Wilderness Survival



20 first authored publications in scientifically refereed journals

29 coauthored publications in scientifically refereed journals

16 invited first-authored presentations of scientific findings and research at professional meetings

84 authored and coauthored presentations of scientific findings and research at professional meetings

95 colleague reviews for submission to professional journals and USGS series reports

10 USGS awards for outstanding performance

4 USGS Letters of recognition for exemplary performance

1 USGS Superior Service Certificate for outstanding scientific contributions

1 DOI Partners in Conservation Award


 American Geophysical Union

Co-convener, 2006 AGU Fall Meeting, Special session; Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of Northern Watersheds: Current Status and Response to Climate Change II.

R G Striegl and P F Schuster Presiding