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Welcome to the USGS!

Onboarding is not just something you accomplish on the first few days on the job. Think of it more as a process throughout your first few months. This handbook is intended to help you understand more about the agency and benefits available to you.

Employee Handbook

The Employee Checklist serves as a list of activities for you to complete with corresponding timelines. Use this document in partnership with your supervisor to ensure you receive all necessary beneficial tools and information.

Employee Checklist

Supervisors, this document serves as a list of activities for you to complete with your new employee with corresponding timelines. Also included is a list of tasks Human Resources will be completing.

For Supervisors

As a new employee you are now a very important member of a group of people sharing a commitment to providing unbiased science. We are glad you are here and look forward to joint contributions providing reliable scientific information that helps understand the Earth; minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; manage water, biological, energy and mineral resources; and enhance and protect our quality of life.


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