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The Requirements Capabilities & Analysis for Earth Observations (RCA-EO) helps the USGS and other agencies take full advantage of U.S. and international Earth observation capabilities, and develop requirements-driven, prioritized investment decisions for new EO systems, products, and services.

USGS ECCOE staff support RCA-EO with high levels of expertise and years of knowledge about existing Earth observations systems, researching and identifying the capabilities of new systems, creating tools to help identify and visualize new sensors and the resulting data, and communicate research and results with the remote sensing community. 

ECCOE maintains and enhances the Earth Observation Requirements Evaluation System (EORES) for USGS and NOAA in support of understanding and assessing earth observing product value and user requirements, earth observing system capabilities. Visit the links below for more information on the  work done by ECCOE.

Visit Requirements Capabilities & Analysis for Earth Observations (RCA-EO) to learn more about RCA-EO.

Conducts independent technical characterizations and quality assessments of a broad variety of satellite, airborne and in situ earth observation systems to support USGS and its partners national land imaging science needs.  Leverages resources from Federal agencies for the characterization of remote sensing data and to share  those results across the remote sensing community.  Provides long-term capability to collect, maintain, and analyze Earth observation requirements and capabilities using
relational databases,user
interfaces, and analysis tools.
Facilitates the application of
multi-satellite and in-situ data for characterization and validation of satellite-derived land-related products.

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