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Eyes on Earth Episode 49 – Fire Atlas

Eyes on Earth is a podcast on remote sensing, Earth observation, land change and science, brought to you by the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center. In this episode, we hear about how satellite data are used to map fires in our National parks.

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Krishna Bhattarai with the logo for the USGS EROS podcast Eyes on Earth
Krishna Bhattarai

Summary: Teams at the USGS EROS Center have completed fire atlases for nine National Parks across the U.S. Each atlas defines the size and severity of each fire in each park since 1984, including fires too small to be mapped by other programs. Yellowstone National Park has had nearly 100 fires, for example, ranging from a few acres to thousands of acres. The project used data from Landsat for earlier years, and both Landsat and Copernicus Sentinel-2 data for more recent fires. On this episode of Eyes on Earth, we hear from a project leader at EROS about the fire atlas effort.

Guest: Krishna Bhattarai, USGS EROS contractor, technical lead for Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS)

Host: Jane Lawson

Producer: John Hult

Release date: May 3, 2021

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