Pathology Case of the Month

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Notable cases at the National Wildlife Health Center are highlighted here in the Pathology Case of the Month Series.

NWHC Necropsy

Wildlife pathologists at the National Wildlife Health Center routinely investigate the causes of wildlife mortality events in the United States as part of our diagnostic services.  The pathologists examine carcasses to verify species and condition, collect and process photographic and radiographic images, conduct detailed necropsies, collect appropriate samples for histological preparation, and collect and submit appropriate tissue samples for diagnostic laboratory evaluation.  Necropsy findings, histopathology, and laboratory test results are interpreted by pathologists to infer cause of death.

Learn more about NWHC necropsy and pathology capabilities.

For additional data and information on wildlife mortality events, visit WHISPers.

Pathology Case of the Month

August 2019: Avian cholera in a Ross’s Goose

September 2019: Strychnine poisoning in a Mourning Dove

October 2019: White-nose syndrome in Little brown and Northern long-eared bats

November 2019: Snake fungal disease in a Black Racer snake

December 2019: Electrocution of a Great-Horned Owl and a Eurasian Collared-Dove

January 2020: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in a Gyrfalcon

February 2020: Tyzzer’s Disease in Muskrats

March 2020: Ranavirus in Foothill Yellow-legged Frogs

April 2020: Macrorhabdus ornithogaster in a Zebra Finch with thyroid hyperplasia

May 2020: Lead poisoning in a Canada Goose and two Bald Eagles

June 2020: Wellfleet Bay Virus Disease in a Common Eider

July 2020: Sarcoptic Mange in a Timber Wolf

August 2020: Trematodiasis in Mallard Ducks

September 2020: Rabbit hemorrhagic disease in a Desert Cottontail

October 2020: Tularemia in a Mountain Cottontail

November 2020: Sarcocystosis in a Northern Pintail Duck

December 2020: Bordetellosis in an Eastern Gray Squirrel

January  2021: Hypertrophic Osteopathy Associated with Canine Heartworm Disease in a Red Wolf

February 2021: Aspergillosis in Mallard Ducks 

March 2021: Demodecid mites in a Big Brown Bat

April 2021: Avian Tuberculosis in an Exotic Duck