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Screenshot of Chester County (PA) Monitoring Network web app
January 15, 2020

USGS & Chester County PA cooperate on long-term hydrologic monitoring

Screenshot of the Chester County (PA) Monitoring Network web app.

Quarry photo with dipping sedimentary rock, SE Penn. Newark Basin
October 5, 2018

Quarry walls showing dipping sedimentary rocks of Newark Basin, SE PA

Photograph showing dipping sedimentary rocks of the Newark Basin in southeast Pennsylvania. Taken during the 2018 Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists. 

This photo shows one of 8 storm sensors deployed in Pennsylvania to monitor the potential effects Hurricane Florence could have
September 14, 2018

Strom sensor deployed in Pennsylvania for Hurricane Florence

This photo shows one of 8 storm sensors deployed in Pennsylvania to monitor the potential effects Hurricane Florence could have on already high rivers across the state. Photo by Matthew Gyves, USGS. 

Kafrein Reservoir, Jordan
February 21, 2017

Kafrein reservoir captures runoff near the Dead Sea, Jordan

The Kafrein Dam captures runoff from Jordan River side valley wadis, near the Dead Sea, Jordan. USGS hosted a field trip that included a stop at the dam in February, 2017 during a regional workshop on aquifer storage & recovery in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development. 

USGS' Brian Selck samples a private well in Lycoming County, PA
December 31, 2014

Sampling a private well in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Brian Selck, a USGS National Association of Geoscience Teachers intern, collects a water level measurement from a domestic well at a site north of Jersey Shore in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, June 2014.

Jordan Wadi
February 12, 2013

Spring flow towards the Dead Sea, Jordan

Photo of low-flow conditions in a Wadi along the Dead Sea escarpment. Springflow generated by groundwater discharge at higher elevations eventually flows into the hypersaline Dead Sea. 

Map showing groundwater withdrawals and water-level declines, Azraq Oasis area, Jordan
December 31, 2010

Well-withdrawal footprint map, Azraq Oasis, Jordan

Large groundwater withdrawals in the Azraq Oasis area, Jordan, have contributed to declining water levels in wells. This map shows the withdrawal footprint and observed water-level trends (labeled triangular symbols, from Goode et al. 2013). The footprint depth-rate index is 0.1 meter per year (m/yr), corresponding to a water-level decline rate of 1 m/yr, scaled by a

Map of selected streamflow gages in Pennsylvania
December 31, 2008

Streamflow Monitoring Gages in Pennsylvania (SIR 2008-5102)

Streamflow-gaging stations used in development of flood-flow regression equations for Pennsylvania streams (Figure 1 from USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2008-5102). 

Map of Pennsylvania Hydrogeologic Settings
December 31, 2007

Pennsylvania Hydrogeologic Settings

Carbonate aquifers are made up of limestone and dolomite. Crystalline aquifers are typically schists or other metamorphic or igneous rocks. Siliciclastic aquifers are commonly sandstones, siltstones, and shale. Surficial aquifers are often comprised of unconsolidated sands and gravels.