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Geonarrative: Locations of Domestic Wells

Geonarrative: Locations of Domestic Wells

A new geonarrative shows locations of domestic (private) wells and the numbers and percentages of people in the conterminous United States who rely on them for their drinking water.

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U.S. River Conditions, April to June 2021

U.S. River Conditions, April to June 2021

This is an animation showing the changing conditions of USGS streamgages from April through June 2021.

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Jordan Wadi
February 12, 2013

Spring flow towards the Dead Sea, Jordan

Photo of low-flow conditions in a wadi (stream) along the Jordan Rift Valley. Springflow generated by groundwater discharge at higher elevations eventually flows into the hypersaline Dead Sea. 

Map showing groundwater withdrawals and water-level declines, Azraq Oasis area, Jordan
December 31, 2010

Well-withdrawal footprint map, Azraq Oasis, Jordan

Large groundwater withdrawals in the Azraq Oasis area, Jordan, have contributed to declining water levels in wells. This map shows the withdrawal footprint and observed water-level trends (labeled triangular symbols, from Goode et al. 2013). The footprint depth-rate index is 0.1 meter per year (m/yr), corresponding to a water-level decline rate of 1 m/yr, scaled by a