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Our science assessing the recovery of the Elwha River following dam removal was recently featured on Voice of America. 

WFRC’s Research Ecologist Jeffery Duda was recently featured in a video series about the Elwha dam removals and river restoration. The video is part of a Voice of America series exploring various aspects and implications of Klamath dam removal. Episode four of the series "Promising Signs of Recovery on Undammed Elwha River" features an interview with Jeff about his research and findings with collaborators following dam removal.

The Elwha River studies conducted since dam removal was completed in 2014 allowed scientists to gain a more in-depth view on dam removal and ecosystem recovery.  WFRC has been involved with similar evaluation and monitoring of numerous dam removals across the region as well as national level assessments of the practice. Together with our partners, we are well-prepared to address management questions and decisions moving forward, including proposed dam removals on the Klamath River.

a river flows through a flat landscape with low vegetation, forested hills in the background
The former Mills reservoir restoration area on the Elwha River in Olympic National Park, WA. This photo taken from the Glines overlook shows the revegetation that has occurred at the former reservoir post-dam removal.

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