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Year Published: 2019

Reporting the limits of detection and quantification for environmental DNA assays

BackgroundEnvironmental DNA (eDNA) analysis is increasingly being used to detect the presence and relative abundance of rare species, especially invasive or imperiled aquatic species. The rapid progress in the eDNA field has resulted in numerous studies impacting conservation and management actions. However, standardization of eDNA methods and...

Klymus, Katy E.; Merkes, Christopher M.; Allison, Michael J.; Goldberg, Caren S.; Helbing, Caren C.; Hunter, Margaret; Jackson, Craig; Lance, Richard F.; Mangan, Anna M.; Monroe, Emy M.; Piaggio, Antoinette J.; Stokdyk, Joel P.; Wilson, Chris C.; Richter, Catherine A.

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Year Published: 2019

Putative mitochondrial sex determination in the Bivalvia: insights from a hybrid transcriptome assembly in freshwater mussels

Bivalves exhibit an astonishing diversity of sexual systems, with genetic and environmental determinants of sex, and possibly the only example of mitochondrial genes influencing sex determination pathways in animals. In contrast to all other animal species in which strict maternal inheritance (SMI) of mitochondria is the rule, bivalves possess a...

Capt, Charlotte; Renaut, Sebastien; Stewart, Donald; Johnson, Nathan; Breton, Sophie

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Year Published: 2019

Photosynthetic and respiratory responses of two bog shrub species to whole ecosystem warming and elevated CO2 at the boreal-temperate ecotone

Peatlands within the boreal-temperate ecotone contain the majority of terrestrial carbon in this region, and there is concern over the fate of such carbon stores in the face of global environmental changes. The Spruce and Peatland Response Under Changing Environments (SPRUCE) facility aims to advance the understanding of how such peatlands may...

Ward, Eric; Warren, Jeffrey M .; McLennan, David A; Dusenge, Mirindi E; Way, Danielle A.; Wullschleger, Stan D.; Hanson, Paul J