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Lake Martin in Louisiana
October 1, 2001

Lake Martin in Louisiana

Lake Martin, a popular spot for bird-watching, fishing and boating, is part of The Nature Conservancy’s Cypress Island Preserve. The site, located in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, is a beautiful example of a bald cypress swamp. The first case of Snake Fungal Disease in a free-ranging wild snake in Louisiana was documented by a USGS scientist from there in 2015.

Black bellied salamander

Black-Bellied Salamander

This black-bellied salamander (Desmognathus quadramaculatus

October 10, 2018

Internship: Long-term trends in forest regeneration across drought...

Long-term trends in forest regeneration across drought and salinity gradients in the northern Gulf Coast

Summary: Relict forests are becoming more common as as climates become hotter, drier and more saline. The first sign of threat to these forests is a chronic lack of seedling and sapling recruitment. This project will help pinpoint forests at risk to help in