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What is the difference between a landslide advisory, a landslide watch, and a landslide warning?

An advisory is a general statement about the potential of landslide activity in a given region relative to developing rainfall predictions. An advisory may include general statements about rainfall conditions that can lead to debris-flow activity, and list precautions to be taken in the event of heavy rainfall.

A watch means that landslide-activity will be possible, but is not imminent. People in, or planning to travel through, a watch area should know landslide preparedness and stay informed about developing weather patterns.

Warnings indicate that landslide activity is presently occurring and extreme caution should be taken.

Watches and warnings may be issued for discrete areas, and include advice about contacting an area's local emergency centers. Watches and warnings for rainfall-induced debris flows are weather dependent and will closely track National Weather Service watches and warnings for flash flooding.

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