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Payroll Information

Payroll Information

Documenting Your Time

Quicktime Information

The source for all information relating to Quicktime, the USGS Time and Attendance System


Quicktime Login

Requires a username and password


Pay Tables

Salary Tables and Related Information (OPM Website)


Special Salary Rates (OPM Website)

Includes Special Rates for Information Technology Workers, Engineers, certain clerical employees, and more


USGS Information

Direct Deposit

All DOI memo on the Department of Interior policy on Direct Deposit of payroll


Employee Express (Employee Express Website)

The fast, easy way to for you to process certain personnel and payroll actions


DOI Attendance and Leave Handbook

The Attendance and Leave Handbook supersedes the Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) Handbook, dated February 2000, and is the prevailing policy on attendance and leave to the extent that it does not conflict with any negotiated agreements for bargaining unit employees. This handbook establishes how hours of work may be assigned and managed and provides guidelines for granting and excusing leave.


Payroll Schedules

USGS employees are paid every two weeks on the second Tuesday of each pay period. Calendars from the USGS Finance Office tell you when each pay period begins and ends, as well as when to expect each pay day. Interior Business Center payroll schedule calendars in B&W and color.


Earnings and Leave Statement (Employee Express Website)

Pay statements (otherwise known as Leave and Earnings Statements (LES)) are your personal records documenting your pay, deductions, leave usage, tax information, etc. Employee Express contains your current LES as well as LES's for up to a year in the past. If you need an LES that is not available in Employee Express you may request it by calling 303-969-7732.


Compensatory Time Off for Travel

Employees are eligible to earn compensatory time off for time spent in a travel status away from their official duty station when such time is not otherwise compensable.


Compensation Information from Interior Business Center (IBC)

Payroll Operations

Payroll Operations Division web page at the Interior Business Center. Here you can find general information and answers to frequently asked questions about pay and pay-related issues.



Quicktime support is being provided for USGS employees by USGS Quicktime administrators. If you have any questions regarding the Time and Attendance system, please contact the helpdesk at


Tax Information

Internal Revenue Service (IRS Website) 

The source for all forms and publications relating to Federal Income Tax.


IRS W-4 (PDF, 54K) (IRS Website)

The IRS Employee's Witholding Allowance Certificate... used by all current USGS employees to claim the number of exemptions for each calendar year.


IRS W-4P (PDF, 36K) (IRS Website)

The IRS Witholding Certificate for Pension or Annuities... only useful for employees who are retiring this year.


Circular E, Publication 15 (IRS Website)

IRS Publication on how to calculate Federal Income Tax Withholding from pay. Use this publication to calculate exactly how much your pay is effected when you change the number of exemptions on your W-4.


Health Benefits Tax Benefit (OPM Website)

Details on how taxable income is reduced by the amount of health insurance premiums withheld from pay.


Tax Withholding Formulas (IBC Website)

Federal, State, and Territorial Income Tax Withholding Formulas


Compensation Information from OPM

OPM's Home Page on Compensation and Pay issues



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