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Supervisor/Manager Resources for Growing Your Team

You are responsible knowing your employees and having an idea about their career goals, as well as having a deep understanding of the mission and organizational goals. Your job in this aspect is to find or create connections between what the organization needs, and your employees’ skills, abilities and when possible, interests.

Below are tools and resources you can access to begin creating a culture of employee development in your office. Make discussions with your employees regarding their career goals a regular part of checking in with your employees.


► DOI Talent
DOI Talent is the current Department's Learning Management System. Here, you can search for, and request enrollment in training classes offered by USGS and other bureaus in DOI. Traditional classroom training, online training, and blended classes are available.

► SkillSoft
The SkillSoft Online Learning Library is a prepaid and available to all DOI employees. SkillSoft's library of over 2,000 video based courses is available 24/7 and covers a wide range of topics. SkillSoft offers courses that satisfy a number of mandatory training requirements including Diversity/EEO and Role-Based Security Training (RBST) for IT personnel.  Search the online Skillsoft catalog or download the monthly PDF to see what is offered.

► Organizational Development
If you and your team are experiencing new challenges, need teambuilding, or are going through a transition or change, then the Organizational Development team may be what you need. They will work with leaders and managers to gather data, and define issues, helping you to determine the appropriate course of action. They have many tools and resources available to help you navigate tricky or challenging situations.

► Leadership Development
Developing skilled leaders at all levels is extremely important to the success of the USGS in achieving its mission. This program grows our future leaders.

► Mentoring Program
If you are looking to provide cost-effective training and development for your team, while encouraging professional and personal growth, then this is a great program to share with your employees. It is an effective form of knowledge transfer with a personal side that provides unique benefits to both mentoring partners.

► Supervisory Development Program
If you or someone on your team needs help navigating the role of supervisor, then this program has the tools and resources to help you succeed. The Supervisory Challenge class meets the 40-hour mandatory requirement for all new supervisors. Beyond that, you can get 360 feedback to help you improve, or access the Supervisor’s Toolkit for additional resources.

► Workforce Planning
Workforce and succession planning are critical to the success of our organization. The USGS Workforce and Succession Planning website has lots of tools and resources to help supervisors and managers get started and work through the planning process.

► Career Development Program
The USGS Career Development Program (CDP) is a unique training program that enables managers to provide career change opportunities for qualified DOI and/or USGS employees. When you have a talented employee, who is an asset to our organization, but their career goals are not aligned with their current position, this program provides one way to help them transition to a new role so they can remain at the USGS doing their best work.

► Learning Plan
A Learning Plan provides an opportunity for you to share your professional goals, and to communicate your strengths and developmental needs with your supervisor. Creating an Individual Learning Plan with your supervisor will help him/her to understand what you need, how to keep moving forward, and will also help prioritize your developmental needs along with those of your team.

► Training Policy
When you need to know the most up to date policy on training and development, look here. This page contains links to OPM, DOI, and USGS policies so you can find the information you need.

► Links to Additional Training Sources
There are many training providers and commercial vendors that can meet your instructional needs. When you contact a vendor for training, be sure to ask if they offer a discount or special government pricing. This list is in no way comprehensive, nor an endorsement, but does provide a starting point as you look for specific training opportunities.

► Training and Development Strategies
What if you need more than training? What other ways can you grow and develop yourself personally and professionally? Use the provided flow chart to see what other options are available and to help you decide what options will best meet your needs.

► Cross-training, Details, Collateral Duty opportunities
Permanent USGS employees who have supervisory support can utilize the Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP) to find new short term or permanent work reassignments. Another way to learn!
Go to @the Core, click on A-Z Index at the top, and search for Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP).

► Supervisor's Toolkit
This toolkit is meant to serve as a quick reference that consolidates Human Resources information for addressing your workforce needs in one location.


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