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Ken Hyer, Ph.D.

Serves as the USGS Chesapeake Bay Associate Coordinator.  Responsible for developing key USGS science-planning documents and helping to coordinate USGS science efforts that are used by managers to inform restoration and conservation activities throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


USGS Chesapeake Bay Associate Coordinator – 2015-present

Responsibilities Include:

  • Work with USGS Chesapeake Science Team, Science Centers, and CB Program Coordinator to set science priorities and plan Chesapeake Bay science activities based on agency and partner guidance
  • Work with USGS Scientists to coordinate projects and synthesis activities to address the USGS Chesapeake Bay science goals and advance our understanding of management and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • Interacts with USGS Program Coordinators, Regions, and Science Centers to identify and coordinate resources for USGS Chesapeake Bay projects 
  • Support USGS Chesapeake Bay Coordinator interaction with Partners, DOI, and Congress

USGS Hydrologist and Water-Quality Specialist – 2001-2015

Responsibilities Included:

  • Oversight of Water Science Center (WSC) water-quality program
  • Provide technical expertise to center managers, scientists, and technicians
  • Extensive program development activities
  • Lead Scientist on complex, multi-disciplinary water-resources studies

USGS Hydrologist – 2000-2001

  • Lead Scientist on several complex, multi-disciplinary water-resources studies.