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Michael O'Donnell

Michael O'Donnell is an ecologist at the Fort Collins Science Center. His work focuses primarily on sagebrush ecosystems. 

Michael O’Donnell is an ecologist who has worked primarily in sagebrush ecosystems since 2008. He has focused on integrating data-intensive scientific discovery approaches that can facilitate a gained understanding of ecological processes, leading to better-informed prescriptions for decision-making actions. He has investigated a variety of biotic and abiotic studies across the sagebrush biome, including sage-grouse population frameworks/trends and habitat modeling, state-and-transition models, fire simulations, soil-climate budgets, as well as simulated land-use and climate change scenarios. He leverages information from a hybrid of scientific disciplines, such as ecology, geospatial sciences, remote sensing, statistics, and computer science to increase the understanding of complex multi-scale ecological relationships at community, regional, and global geographic extents.