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Michaelah C Wilson


Michaelah Wilson is an environmental chemist for the USGS Kansas Water Science Center Organic Geochemistry Research Laboratory in Lawrence, KS.

Michaelah Wilson is an environmental chemist whose career is dedicated to studying the occurrence, transport, and fate of organic contaminants in the environment. She’s worked with a variety of matrices including water, soil, sediment, biosolids, manures, insect & plant tissues, and drill fluids. Michaelah has been with the OGRL since 2013, contributing to both the Water and the Ecosystems Mission Areas, providing crucial data to help assess the impacts of anthropogenic compounds on environmental and human health.

Other career interests: I enjoy working on DEIA and Environmental Justice efforts within the USGS, as well as participating in outreach events that may inspire the next generation of scientists! In the future, I would love to get more involved with studying the impacts of light pollution on environmental & human health.