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Nicholas Paretti

Nicholas Paretti is a Hydrologist in the Arizona Water Science Center, Tucson Office.

My research interests include endocrine disrupting effects of treated effluent on fish; bioaccumulation of organic and inorganic contaminants in aquatic organisms; ecological assessments of aquatic biota and habitat quality; occurrence and distribution of organic contaminants as a result of Wastewater Treatment Plants; Passive sampler technology to identify trace organics; flood hydrology; relating semi-arid flow regimes to aquatic biota.  

I first joined the Arizona Water Science Center as a University of Arizona undergraduate student in 2001 working on a stream ecology assessment programs for the EPA and USGS.  I continued employment with the USGS while working on a Masters of Science in the Fisheries Science program at the University of Arizona.  My research focused on endocrine disruption in fish exposed to treated effluent.  After graduation I was hired as a full-time employee in 2006. Since then I have worked on a diverse number of projects pertaining to water quality, geophysics, toxicology, ecological assessments, and flood hydrology.  

My current research involves updating the regional regression equations for estimating magnitude and frequency of streamflow in Arizona.  I am also working on an ecoflows investigation for the Verde River, AZ and trying to develop ecological relations between biotic communities and flow regime characteristics.