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Date published: October 20, 2018

Geochemical Composition of Urban Stormwater Runoff Within the Conterminous United States from Samples Collected in 2016-2017

These analyses provide the basic geochemical composition of urban stormwater runoff from rainwater/stormwater that does or has the potential to infiltrate groundwater from Green Infrastructure control measures. These measures are able to mimic the natural landscape with engineered designed systems to enhance stormwater infiltration to groundwater.

Date published: November 1, 2017

Nonvolatile dissolved organic carbon and diesel range organics concentrations measured in 2016 at the USGS crude oil study site near Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

The Bemidji crude oil spill site is a long-term USGS study site to understand the fate of crude oil in the shallow subsurface. A description of the site can be found at In 2014 concentrations of non-volatile dissolved organic carbon (NVDOC) were three times higher than diesel range organics (...

Date published: January 1, 2017

Arsenic and Iron data (2010-2015) for petroleum plume mass balance, Bemidji MN

Natural attenuation of organic contaminants in groundwater can give rise to a series of complex biogeochemical reactions that release secondary contaminants to groundwater. In a crude oil contaminated aquifer, biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons is coupled with the reduction of ferric iron (Fe(III)) hydroxides in aquifer sediments. As a result, naturally occurring arsenic (As%2

Date published: January 1, 2017

Chemical extraction results of aquifer sediments for concentrations of iron and arsenic in different redox zones at the crude-oil spill site near Bemidji, Minnesota

In a crude-oil-contaminated sandy aquifer at the Bemidji site in northern Minnesota, biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons has resulted in release of naturally occurring As to groundwater under Fe-reducing conditions. This data set was collected for a study that used chemical extractions of aquifer sediments collected in 1993 and 2011-2014 to evaluate the relationship between Fe and As in...