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The USGS is developing research-quality, applications-ready, Level-2 and Level-3 science products derived from Landsat Level-1 data, which can be used to monitor, assess, and project how changes in land use, land cover, and land condition affect people and nature.


Landsat 8 Level-1 (right) and Surface Reflectance (right) Image Comparison

Landsat image mosaics over the conterminous United States created using Landsat 8 Level-1 data (left) and Landsat 8 Level-2 Surface Reflectance data (right). Images were created in December 2014.

Level-2 Science Products are time-series observational data of sufficient length, consistency, and continuity to record effects of climate change, and serve as input into Landsat Level-3 Science Products.

Level-2 Surface Reflectance 

Measures the fraction of incoming solar radiation that is reflected from Earth's surface to the Landsat sensor. 

Level-2 Provisional Surface Temperature 

Represents the temperature of the Earth's surface in Kelvin (K). 


Level-3 products represent specific geophysical and biophysical properties of the land surface and contain parameters derived from systematic long-term measurements collected by satellite and aircraft platforms as well as in situ observational networks. 

Level-3 Dynamic Surface Water Extent 

Describes the existence and condition of surface water.

Level-3 Fractional Snow Covered Area 

Indicates the percentage of a pixel covered by snow.

Level-3 Burned Area 

Represents per pixel burn classification and burn probability.

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