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Landsat Dynamic Surface Water Extent Science Products

The Landsat Level-3 Dynamic Surface Water Extent (DSWE) Science Product provides information that represents surface water inundation as detected in cloud-, shadow-, and snow-free pixels, in six acquisition-based raster files.

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The Landsat DSWE product provides important information about the existence and condition of surface water. 

The table below displays how different communities use Landsat DSWE products in their research. 

Community Potential use
Hydrologic science/ Water resource management Hydrologic modeling (local to national scale), Large river discharge estimation, local level surface storage reservoir monitoring
Biologic science/Resource management Habitat assessment, minimum flow requirement analyses
Wetland science/Resource management  Wetland delineation and monitoring
Climate science/Change response Energy balance and carbon cycling studies and modeling
Emergency preparedness and response Flood mitigation and recovery, aid distribution, insurance underwriting; drought monitoring
Geospatial data providers Land cover and cartographic data enhancement
State and local government Storm water best management practices, pond and reservoir monitoring

The images and animations below are examples of how Landsat DSWE data are used.

Landsat Dynamic Surface Water Extent Example
Animation showing Omaha, Nebraska area, using Landsat Level-3 Dynamic Surface Water Extent product
Landsat Collection 2 DSWE Example
Landsat Level-3 Dynamic Surface Water Extent Example