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Date published: April 19, 2021

Large Decreases in Upper Colorado River Salinity Since 1929

Salinity levels in the Upper Colorado River Basin, which covers portions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, have steadily decreased since 1929, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey study analyzing decades of water-quality measurements.

Date published: April 6, 2021

New USGS Report Shows High Levels of Arsenic and Uranium in Some Connecticut Wells

A new U.S. Geological Survey study provides an updated, statewide estimate of high levels of naturally occurring arsenic and uranium in private well water across Connecticut.

Date published: April 2, 2021

The Quality of Our Groundwater—Progress on a National Survey

A U.S. Geological Survey study of groundwater quality across the nation that began in 2013 now includes water-quality information for 18 of the most heavily used aquifers in the nation.

Date published: March 26, 2021

USGS Dye-Tracing Study on the Kansas River to Aid in Protecting Water Supplies

The U.S. Geological Survey and partners will inject a harmless, bright red fluorescent dye into the Kansas River at Eudora on March 31, weather permitting. 

Date published: March 18, 2021

Utah Gauge Celebrates 100 Years of Monitoring Streamflow

A U.S. Geological Survey streamgage near Hunstville, Utah is celebrating 100 years of monitoring streamflow on the south fork of the Ogden River. The streamgage has been monitoring water levels and flow since March 21, 1921, making it one of 25 centennial gauges in Utah. 

Date published: March 18, 2021

Drought May Lead to Elevated Levels of Naturally Occurring Arsenic in Private Domestic Wells

An estimated 4.1 million people in the lower 48 states are potentially exposed to arsenic levels that exceed EPA’s drinking water standards

Date published: March 11, 2021

Pesticide transformation products are nearly ubiquitous in small U.S. streams

Pesticide transformation products (TPs) may be a critical missing piece of the toxicity puzzle for aquatic life in small U.S. streams, according to a new study by the USGS.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: March 4, 2021

Homing in on sources and yields of nitrogen and phosphorus throughout the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin

A new USGS study estimates total nitrogen (N) and total phosphorus (P) yields from catchments throughout the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin, which drains about 41% of the conterminous United States.

Date published: February 18, 2021

Chemical mixtures are common in small streams in the U.S.

Mixtures of organic chemicals are ubiquitous in small U.S. streams, reports a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey. In many streams the mixtures could be affecting stream organisms.

Date published: February 16, 2021

USGS Announces the Availability of the Environmental Assessment & Section 106, Protection of Historic Properties Review, for a new Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility – Public Comments Sought

The USGS Water Resources Mission Area has prepared an Environmental Assessment in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act for a new Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility (HIF) in Alabama. The USGS is requesting your comments on the EA and Section 106 review by March 3, 2021.

Attribution: Water Resources
Date published: February 11, 2021

Lithium in U.S. Groundwater

A new USGS study reports that about 45% of public-supply wells and about 37% of U.S. domestic supply wells have concentrations of lithium that could present a potential human-health risk.