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There are many ways to reach the Water Resources Mission Area (WMA). Reach out to the main contacts below, or use the Employee Directory to find an individual or email group. For a list of WMA key management officials, click below.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Biologist Jennifer L Agee 303-236-3475
Database Administrator Bryan A. Anderson 303-236-3723
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Sonny E Anderson 407-803-5576
Chief (Acting), Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility Cory E Angeroth 801-908-5048
Data Scientist Alison Appling, PhD
Data Visualization Specialist Althea A. Archer, PhD
Research Hydrologist Stacey A Archfield 703-648-5868
Chemist Kitchner Forest Ash 303-236-3160
Physical Scientist Jessi Ayers
Data Scientist/Data Visualization Specialist Elmera Azadpour
Biologist Shaun Baesman 650-329-4459
Research Geologist Larry B Barber, II 303-541-3039
Coordinator for Water Resources Carise D Barbour 703-648-4383
Financial Specialist Talor B Barnes 303-236-4552
General Supply Specialist Germaine J. Baron 303-236-3704
Program Officer Todd E Baumann 225-436-2715
Information Technology Specialist Carmen R. Baxter 804-261-2607
Chemist Delicia A Beaty 303-236-1817
Research Hydrologist Barbara A. Bekins, PhD 650-329-4691
Research Hydrologist Ken Belitz 858-775-6309
Physical Science Technician Caitlyn M Benson 303-236-3966
Hydrologic Technician Daniel K Blankenship 850-553-3665
Deputy Chief Operating Officer William B Blanks 803-750-6157
Biologist Paul A Bliznik 303-541-3026
Civil Engineer David L Blodgett 608-821-3899
Chief, Analysis and Prediction Branch Joel Blomquist
Hydrologist for the Geospatial Intelligence Branch Andrew R Bock 303-236-6875
Emeritus Scientist John Karl Bohlke 703-648-6325
Senior Advisor, Office of the Chief Operating Officer Nathaniel (Nate) Booth 608-239-1108
Chemist Jonathan D Boothe 303-236-1461
Engineering Technician James Bounds 228-688-1355
Research Physical Scientist Corinne Bowers, PhD
Deputy Director, Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division John Brakebill 443-498-5557
Hydrologist and Data Management Coordinator, Office of Quality Assurance Angela K Brennan (571) 591-2777
Research Hydrologist Martin A. Briggs
Operations Research Analyst Donald Brown 970-226-9155
Hydrologic Technician Colby W Brown
Research Oceanographer Jenna Brown, PhD 727-502-8000
Physical Scientist Jennifer L Bruce 608-821-3906
Usability Specialist Rachel Volentine Bryan
Engineering Technician Bryan D Buck 703-648-5874
Computer Engineer Mary S Bucknell 608-821-3920
Civil Engineer Jessica Buren 608-821-3841
Administrative Operations Assistant Angela A Burns 813-498-5014
Hydrologic Technician David D. Byers
Hydrologist Michael James Byrne, Sr. 407-230-1558
Biologist Daniel Cain 650-329-4478
Assistant Director for Hydrologic Studies Daniel L Calhoun 678-924-6629
Manager, Ecological Flows Program Daren M Carlisle, Ph.D. 785-832-3524
Hydrological Technician Mark V Carnley 228-688-1260
Science Communicator Amanda Carr
Physical Scientist Matthew J Cashman, Ph.D. 443-498-5511
IT Specialist Nicholas Westley Castaneda
IT Specialist Mike Caucutt 608-781-6345
Interdisciplinary Data Scientist Alisha Yee Chan 571-564-0532
Hydrologist Scott R Charlton 303-278-7935
Science Advisor Todd A Chaudhry, Ph.D. 703-424-8138
Physical Scientist Se Jong Cho, PhD
Hydrologist Jay Choi 703-648-5418
Distribution Facilities Specialist Kenneth Chong 228-688-2898
Physical Science Technician Doug Choy 650-329-4316
Hydrologic Technician Michael Clark 301-687-0919
Ext: 11
Deputy Program Coordinator Brian R Clark 501-352-1864
Scientist Emeritus James Cloern 650-329-4594
Director, Office of Quality Assurance Alissa Coes 520-279-3599
Research Chemist Christopher Conaway 650-329-4516
Physical Science Technician Dylan Cone 303-236-3276
Chief, Data Science Branch Gericke Cook
Director Tyler B. Coplen, Ph.D. 703-648-5862
Hydrologist Hayley Corson-Dosch
Analytical Chemist Janette M Cottrell 303-236-3945
Information Technology Specialist David L Coyle 703-648-5232
HIF Engineering/Electronics Technician and Instructor Ray Elliott "Elliott" Crawford, III (228) 688-1676
Deputy Director, Office of Planning and Programming Dianna Crilley 619-507-9961
Chemist Jennifer M Croskrey 303-236-3172
Research Biologist Marie Noele Croteau, Ph.D. 650-329-4424
Research Hydrogeologist Kevin John Cunningham, PhD 954-377-5913
HIF Supply Technician Robin L Dailey 228-688-2898
Hydrologist Isaac A Dale
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Timothy L Dalrymple 787-749-7414
Program Coordinator Mindi Dalton 770-283-9728
Information Technology Specialist Bruce R Darnel 303-236-3725
Director (Acting), Observing Systems Division Jeff Deacon
Scientist Emeritus Geoffrey Delin 303-236-1471
Engineering Technician Nikki Denton 228-688-1602
Associate Director for Data Mark R Dickman 916-666-9951
Hydrologist Vincent J Difrenna 570-296-7213
Data Management Unit Chief Corin M Downs 813-498-5062
Physical Scientist Oronde Drakes
Assistant Center Director Rachel DuBose, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Neil M Dubrovsky 916-278-3078
Information Technology Specialist Joel M Dudley 207-626-6609
Research Hydrologist Brian A. Ebel 303-236-3977
Director, Earth Systems Processes Division Sandra Eberts
Chief, Hydrologic Remote Sensing Branch Jack Eggleston 703-459-3903
Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Technology Office Carter J Elmore 719-400-8290
Information Technology Specialist (Security) Carolyn M Emmanuelli 608-821-3859
Hydrologist Ken Eng, PhD 703-648-5843
Geographer Frank L Engel, Ph.D. 210-691-9213
Research Hydrologist Hedeff I Essaid, Ph.D. 650-329-4581
Administrative Officer Melanie A Estep 303-236-4551
Information Technology Specialist Eric J Everman 651-269-4735
Physical Scientist Joseph K Fackrell 650-329-4515
Acting Director, Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center William H Farmer, Ph.D. 303-236-4981
Geographer Kaycee E. Faunce
Information Technology Specialist Annette B Feazell 813-498-5020
Information Technology Specialist Benjamin R Feinstein 608-821-3815
Engineering Technician Veronica Ferman 228-688-1546
USGS National Groundwater Networks Coordinator​ Jason M Fine 919-817-5395
Physical Scientist Benjamin N. Fisher 405-334-7822
Supervisory Hydrologist Laura E Flight 207-626-6629
Hydrologist Sydney S Foks 303-236-5022
Research Chemist William T Foreman
HIF Electronics Technician Jay M Fouquette 228-688-3679
Engineering Technician Bryan Frierson 228-688-1838
Master (Vessel David H. Peterson) Joel T Fritsch 650-400-2861
Information Technology Specialist Janell Fry 703-474-7936
Program Assistant Nana L Frye 703-648-6862
Director, Observing Systems Division Janice Fulford 228-342-3652
Hydrologist Christopher Fuller 650-329-4479
Scientist Emeritus Devin Lynn Galloway 916-801-2040
Deputy Director, Integrated Information Dissemination Division James J Galvin, PhD 703-648-4000
Research Hydrologist Allen C Gellis, Ph.D. 443-498-5581
Chemist Durga Ghosh 410-267-5750
Civil Engineer Julieta Gómez-Fragoso 787-749-7479
IT Specialist (Internet) Annette Goode 703-648-5303
Hydrologist Phillip Goodling 443-498-5586
Hydrologist Debbie Warner Gordon, PG 678-924-6647
Hydrologic Technician Burl B Goree 318-251-9630
Ext: 12
Machine Learning Specialist Galen Gorski
Research Chemist James L Gray, PhD 303-236-3776
Research Hydrologist Christopher T Green, Ph.D. 650-439-2728
Information Technology Specialist Charmaine E Green 954-377-5909
Associate Center Director for Data, acting Kevin J Grimsley, P.E. 813-498-5064
Biologist Scott A Grotheer 303-236-3486
Hydrologist Lance R Gruhn 319-333-4579
Research Chemist Karl B Haase, Ph.D. 703-648-5818
Program Analyst Rita E Haddad-Khalil 703-648-4611
Hydrologic Technician W. Kevin Hadley 228-688-3267
IT Specialist Andrew S Halper 520-670-3330
CFWSC Fort Myers Office, Data Chief Sara Hammermeister 239-275-8448
Ext: 18
Machine Learning Specialist Scott Hamshaw, Ph.D., P.E.
Research Hydrologist Merritt Harlan, PhD
Research Hydrologist Ronald W Harvey 303-541-3034
Senior Research Hydrologist Judson W Harvey 571-420-7616
IT specialist Michael R Haschke 303-236-3735
Hydrologist Jory S Hecht, PhD 508-490-5005
Information Technology Specialist Barry L Heck 608-821-3826
Chemist Dawn M Hemmerle 303-236-3475
Chief Projects Officer Glenn Henz 916-278-3101
Hydrologist Liv Herdman 518-285-5654
Scientist Emeritus William N Herkelrath 650-329-4625
Research Social Scientist, Southwest CASC Nicole M Herman-Mercer 303-236-5031
Director, Laboratory and Analytical Services Division Selene Hernandez Ruiz, PhD
Administrative Operations Assistant Ashlie F Hill 813-498-5058
Information Technology Specialist Megan K Hines 608-821-3917
Data Scientist Elise Hinman ​​
Research Hydrologist Emeritus Robert M Hirsch 703-648-5888
Biologist Robert W Hood 303-236-3485
Physical Scientist Candice Hopkins 208-387-1320
Physical Scientist Michelle Hornberger, PhD 650-329-4467
Hydrologic Technician Stephen Patrick Huddleston 518-285-5600
Hydrologist Joseph Hughes 703-648-5805
IT Specialist Michael Ierardi 703-648-5649
Willamette River Basin IWS Team Willamette River Basin IWS Team
Physical Scientist Jeanne Jaeschke 703-648-5872
Research Chemist Jeramy R Jasmann, Ph.D. 303-541-3007
Information Technology Specialist Yvonne S Jenkins 703-648-5589
Hydrologist Carole D. Johnson 860-487-7402
Ext: 17
Physical Scientist - Product Owner Amber S. Jones
Office of Quality Assurance, Data Management Specialist Katherine (Kate) Jones 801-908-5019
HIF: Engineering Technician Damon A Jones, Sr. 228-688-7176
Technical Information Specialist Joanne C Jones 228-688-1521
Research Geographer John W. Jones 703-994-3224
Budget Analyst Susan W Jones 813-498-5009
Director, Office of Planning and Programming Robert L Joseph 512-927-3502
Deputy Associate Director Joshua Joseph, Jr., PhD (571) 591-4573
Chemist Valerie S Jugert 303-236-3161
Hydrologic Technician Elaiya R Jurney 505-830-7900
Hydrologist Evangelos Kakouros 650-329-5784
Information Techology Specialist Joseph P Kalfsbeek
Hydrologic Technician Taylor A Kall 954-377-5983
Chemist Christopher J Kanagy 303-236-3262
Chemist Leslie K Kanagy 303-236-3243
Geographer Chintamani Kandel 804-261-2626
Physical Scientist Jennifer E Katz 631 736 0783
Chief, Hydrologic Impacts Branch Jeni Keisman, Ph.D.
Hydrologist (Surface Water Specialist) Terry A Kenney 801-908-5046
Research Hydrologist Douglas Kent 650-329-4461
Computer Scientist Daniel Kester 608-821-3854
Scientist Emeritus Yousif K Kharaka 650-329-4535
Hydrologist (Geol) Sandra L Kinnaman 813-498-5079
Hydrologist Paul Kinzel 303-278-7941
Hydrologist Ethan Kirby
Streamflow Technologies and Hydroacoustic Lead Travis M. Knight
Supply Technician Christopher B Knoll 303-236-2000
Research Hydrologist Noah Knowles 650-329-4476
Data Scientist (Biologist) Lauren Koenig
Scientist Emeritus Leonard Konikow 703-648-5878
Physical Scientist Jeffrey Kwang
Chief, Modeling Support and Coordination Branch Jacob LaFontaine 678-924-6664
Lower Mississippi-Gulf WSC - Supervisory Hydrologist Darrell S Lambeth 205-348-0950
Senior Advisor for Water/International John W Lane, Jr., Ph.D. 860-487-7402
Research Hydrologist Christian Langevin 763-783-3121
Center Director Casey J Lee 785-760-1958
Chief, Strategic Laboratory Science Branch Mari Titcombe Lee, PhD 303-236-3940
Research Hydrologist Carl J Legleiter
Hydrologic Technician (Field Assistant) Allison M Leninger 703-648-5872
Physical Scientist Leah E Kammel Lenoch 608-212-7890
Director, Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division David Lesmes 703-648-4558
Product Owner Shirley Leung
Supervisory IT Specialist Kathy A Lindblom 303-236-3726
Hydrologist Bruce Lindsey 717-730-6964
Research Hydrologist Benjamin S. Linhoff, Ph.D.
Chief, Infrastructure and Services Branch Jason Livingston
HIF Engineering Technician Gary E Loman 228-688-1569
Biologist Jennifer M Lorenz 703-648-5894
Hydrologist Robert R. Lotspeich
Budget Analyst Jamie Lowndes 609-771-3905
Research General Engineer Lisa V. Lucas 650-329-4588
maintenance mechanic Andrew J Lucero 303-236-2000
Supervisory Physical Scientist Kris D Lund 608-821-3860
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Brenda Majedi 443-498-5527
Chief, Support Branch Steven Markstrom 303-236-3330
Program Analyst Christine M Marsh 608-821-3840
Hydrologist Cameron Marshall 253-552-1618
Chief, Support Services Milton E. Marshall 303-236-3715
Scientist Emeritus Deborah Martin 303-541-3024
Chief Science Advisor Meredith Richardson Martin, PhD (571) 581-7589
Physical Science Technician RoseAnn Martin 303-236-1874
Data Scientist Anthony Martinez
Administrative Operations Assistant Jose V Martinez 650-439-2294
Information Technology Specialist Kimberley L Martz 703-648-5497
Research Microbiologist Mark Marvin-DiPasquale, PhD 650-329-4442
Chemist Alex Mass 303-236-1876
Supervisory Hydrologist Kristina Kirkyla Masterson, P.E. (518) 285-5695
Financial Specialist Isaac J Matson 303-236-3570
National Streamgage Networks Coordinator Brian McCallum 678-924-6672
NADP Coordinator/Meteorologist Ryan McCammon
Physical Scientist/Database Developer Alice J McCarthy
Research Chemist R. Blaine McCleskey 303-541-3071
Chief, Water Budget Branch Kurt McCoy 804-261-2656
Chief Jeff W. McCoy, PhD 303-236-3500
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician William J McDevitt 813-498-5068
Hydrologist Richard McDonald 303-236-4985
Senior Science Advisor, Office of the Associate Director for Water Timothy J McHale 303-236-1225
Research Ecologist Michael R Meador 703-648-5620
Administrative Operations Assistant Kristal M Medina 407-803-5561
Research Geographer Michael F Meyer, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Laurence G Miller 650-329-4475
Research Hydrologist Matthew Miller 303-541-3048
Information Technology Specialist James L Montoya 303-236-3732
Research Hydrologist John A Moody 303-541-3011
Data Management Specialist Carol Morel 571-433-5268
IT Specialist James E Morris 785-832-3572
Chemist Stanley J Mroczkowski 703-648-5870
Hydrologist Adam C Mumford 703-648-5893
Administrative operations Assistant Heidi L Murphy 303-236-5021
Research Hydrologist Sheila Murphy 303-541-3023
Hydrologist Erin M Murray 208-387-1328
Chemist Lucinda K Murtagh 303-236-3281
HIF Engineering Technician Harold R Myers 228-688-1610
Data Visualization Specialist Cee Nell, PhD 608-828-9901
Chief, Engineering Branch Jeremy K Newson
Director, Integrated Information Dissemination Division Joseph P Nielsen
IT Specialist Jordan Nihart 228-688-1535
Research Physicist Emeritus John R. Nimmo, Ph. D. 650-329-4537
Research Hydrologist Richard G Niswonger
Information Technology Specialist Shawn C Noble 319-358-3640
Chemist Joshua J Nordick 303-236-3162
Chemist Cecilia A O'Connor 303-236-3142
Financial Specialist Karen S O'mara 650-329-4416
IT Specialist Dane J Ohe 512-927-3538
Hydrologist Samantha K Oliver, PhD 608-821-3824
Water Quality Specialist Lisa D Olsen 703-648-5809
Scientist Emeritus Carolyn G Olson 703-648-5864
Government Information Specialist Patricia Orlando
Information Technology Specialist (Web Developer) Tade (Chip) Orr
International Travel Specialist Milagros Ortiz 787-414-8584
Clerical Assistant Harry M Padbury 703-648-5240
Regional Management Officer R. Scott Padgett 813-498-5026
Program Manager, Water Use and Water Budget Research Science Programs Jaime A Painter
Biologist Francis Parchaso 650-329-4586
HIF Electronics Technician Edward J Parrozzo 228-688-1540
Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Hydrologist, WMA Earth Systems Processes Division Trevor Partridge, PhD
NWIS Modernization Program Manager Daniel K Pearson 512-927-3561
Program Manager, Next Generation Water Observing Systems (acting) Brian Pellerin 703-648-6865
Administrative Officer Emerson E Perez-Paniagua 703-648-4526
Research Hydrologist Kimberlie Perkins 650-329-4551
Student Trainee Stephanie Phillips
Chemist Sharon R. Pickersgill 303-236-1821
​Physical Scientist, Product Owner Renee ​Pieschke
Administrative Specialist Shirley A Pollack 703-648-5860
Chief (Acting), Project Laboratories Branch James Pontolillo 703-648-4728
Physical Scientist Aaron J. Porter 804-261-2628
Research Chemist Theresa Presser 650-329-4512
Supervisory IT Specialist Arlington Prodigalidad 650-329-4407
Chemist Haiping Qi 703-648-6338
Chief, Decision Support Branch Jennifer L. Rapp
Hydrologist Patrick P Rasmussen 785-832-3542
Supervisory Chemist Nino Raynor 303-236-3470
Chief, Web Communications Branch Emily K Read, Ph.D. (608) 400-9123
Scientist Emeritus Michael M Reddy 303-236-5941
Hydrologist (Information Management) Brian Reece 512-927-3573
Hydrologist Robert S Regan 303-236-5008
Hydrologist Michael S Rehmel 317-600-2758
Chemist Lauren T Reid 703-648-5950
Hydrologist Hannah Reidemann
Research Hydrologist Meredith M Reitz, PhD 703-648-5834
Microbiologist Deborah Repert 303-541-3020
Physical Scientist Diana L Restrepo-Osorio 785-832-3514
Chemist Rhiannon C Revello 303-236-3258
Hydrologist David M Rey, PhD 303-236-5392
Hydrogeologist Richard J Reynolds 518-285-5677
Biologist Alicia M Rhoades
Communications and Engagement Team Supervisor Charlotte Riggs, PhD
National Water Quality Coordinator Melissa Riskin 609-468-8844
Senior Data Scientist Jesse Ross
Chemist David A Roth 303-541-3042
Chief Operating Officer Gary L Rowe, Jr., PhD 303-236-1461
Ecologist Peter M Ruhl 703-648-6841
Hydrologist Kelly E Ruhl 703-648-5719
Delaware River Master Kendra L Russell 703-648-5323
Hydrologist Kevin A Ryan
Hydrologist Patrick J Ryan 407-803-5577
Research Hydrologist Emeritus Nancy Rybicki 703-648-5728
Chief, Environmental Hydrodynamics Branch David A Saad 608-821-3865
Research Hydrologist Ward Sanford 703-648-5882
Research Chemist Kathleen Scheiderich 650-329-4521
Hydrologist Noah Schmadel
Deputy Chief Technology Officer Morgan Schneider 608-821-3820
I.T. Specialist Kathryn M Schoephoester 608-821-3892
Research Hydrologist Martha A Scholl 703-648-5890
Program Analyst Melissa L Schomody 703-648-5833
Oceanographer Tara Schraga 650-329-4381
Program Development Specialist Christopher E Schubert 631-736-0783
Ext: 109
IT Specialist Kurt Schultz 402-328-4171
Chemist Eric A Schwab 303-236-3178
Economist Gregory E Schwarz 703-648-5718
Hydrologist William G. Seelig 505-250-8091
Hydrologist Kimberly Shaffer 614-430-7781
Computer Specialist Gregory L Shank 717-730-6932
Research Hydrologist Rich Sheibley 253-552-1611
IT Specialist Sascha Shelton 512-927-3500
Hydrologist Megan Shoda
Chief, Quality Systems Branch James A Simmons, IV 303-236-1835
Research Hydrologist Katherine Skalak 703-648-5435
Data Scientist Margaux Sleckman
Geographer Rachel R Sleeter 253-313-3310
Hydrologist Richard L. Smith, Ph.D. 303-541-3032
Machine Learning Specialist Jared Smith
Scientist Emeritus Mark E Smith 303-236-1469
Emeritus Hydrologist Richard A Smith 703-648-6870
Chemist Steven G Smith 303-236-3275
Chemist, HIF Water Quality Laboratory Teri Snazelle 228-688-1316
Technical Support Coordinator for Groundwater Science Michelle Sneed 916-708-2479
Data Scientist Amelia Snyder
Program Analyst Lara J So 703-648-5812
Civil Engineer Ricardo A Solis 954-377-5948
Supervisory Hydrologist Elliot Sosa 787-749-7411
Aquatic Ecologist Sarah A. Spaulding, PhD 303-492-5361
Program Manager, Integrated Water Availability Assessments Lori Sprague 303-236-6921
Hydrologist Paul Stackelberg 518-285-5652
Research Ecologist Sarah Stackpoole 303-236-0271
Research Hydrologist / Biogeochemist Robert F Stallard 303-541-3022
Product Owner Lee Stanish
Microbiologist Erin A Stelzer 614-516-1188
Computer Scientist Shirley J Stephan 608-821-3918
Research Ecologist Edward Stets 763-783-3159
Research Hydrologist A. Robin Stewart 650-329-4550
Physical Science Technician Jeffrey T Stewart 303-236-3276
Hydrologist Charles Stillwell, Ph.D. 919-571-4018
Supervisory Hydrologist Timothy D Straub
Emeritus Research Hydrologist Rob Striegl 303-541-3091
Chemist Tedmund M Struzeski 303-236-1872
Lead IT Specialist Ivan Suftin 608-821-3825
Chief of Water Budget Office Gene Summerhill 703-648-5309
Chemist Joshua E Sussman 303-236-3209
Administrative Officer Casey T Tharp 650-329-4457
Emeritus Research Biologist Janet K Thompson-McHendrie, Ph.D. 650-329-4364
Geologist James Thordsen 650-329-4557
Emeritus Research Chemist Kevin Thorn 303-236-3979
Emeritus Hydrologist Claire R Tiedeman 650-439-2583
Chemist Evan F Tillman 228-688-1501
Physical Scientis Kayla Tinker
Microbiologist Jennifer Underwood 303-541-3033
Chemist Christy J Van Campen 303-236-3768
WMA ETO Program Analyst ANTONIO E. VIEDMA 608-821-3878
Chief, Geo-Intelligence Branch Roland J Viger 303-541-3075
Space and Facilities Coordinator Rafael A Vilanova 303-236-3701
Research Hydrologist Emeritus Clifford I Voss, Ph.D. 650-329-5885
Program Coordinator Chad R Wagner 919-571-4021
Physical Scientist Wade J Walker 719-562-2862
Research Hydrologist Michelle Walvoord 303-236-4998
Hydrologist Emeritus Ean M Warren 650-329-4554
Machine Learning Engineer David Watkins
Research Hydrologist Richard Webb 303-236-5025
Chief, Cybersecurity Branch Dawn Wellein
Senior Management Officer Nathan Wenger 703-648-5142
Research Chemist Gregory A Wetherbee 303-236-1837
HIF Engineering Technician Johnny T Wheat 228-688-1567
Chemist Susan M Whitcomb 303-236-3213
Senior Data Scientist Elaheh White
Engineering Technician Melanie S. White 228-688-1960
Hydrologist Eric A White 860-487-7402
Ext: 23
Research Ecologist Kimberly Wickland 303-541-3072
Supervisory Program Analyst Colin H. Williams
Hydrologist Christopher Wilson 228-688-3075
Hydrologist, PhD, PE Jordan L. Wilson, PhD
Biologist Lisamarie Windham-Myers 650-329-4447
Hydrologist Richard B Winston, Ph.D. 703-648-5988
Hydrologist (Surface Water Specialist) Karl E Winters 804-261-2619
Hydrologist Joshua Woda 518-285-5600
Hydrologist (Research) David M Wolock, Ph.D. 785-832-3528
Physical Science Technician Michelle Wood 303-236-3264
Deputy Director (Acting), Observing Systems Division Molly S Wood 208-387-1320
Computer Scientist Andrew N Yan 608-821-3921
Research Hydrologist Megan Barbara Young 650-329-4544
Information Technology Specialist Stephen T Zehl 703-648-5643
Program Analyst James D Zeigler 703-648-5708
Hydrologist Wesley O Zell 703-648-5835
Data Scientist Joseph Zemmels, PhD
Physical Science Technician Louis T Zinanti 303-236-3256
HIF: IT Specialist Stephen D Zitterkopf 228-688-1539
Supervisory Physical Scientist Mark Zucker 954-377-5952
Data Scientist Jacob Zwart