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Browse more than 160,000 publications authored by our scientists over the past 100+ year history of the USGS.  Publications available are: USGS-authored journal articles, series reports, book chapters, other government publications, and more.

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Fluvial processes in geomorphology

This excellent text is a pioneering work in the study of landform development under processes associated with running water. Its primary emphasis is on subjects that were the focus of the authors' studies in both field and laboratory. Part I deals with the process of change in the evolving landscape. Part II explores process and form, and Part III, the effects of time.In Part I, the relation of ge


What do you use water for?If someone asked you this question you would probably think right away of water for drinking. Then you would think of water for bathing, brushing teeth, flushing the toilet. Your list would get longer as you thought of water for cooking, washing the dishes, running the garbage grinder. Water for lawn watering, for play pools, for swimming pools, for washing the car and th

Medical parasitology laboratory manual

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The flood control controversy: Big dams, little dams, and land management

The purpose of this book is to investigate the facts regarding flood control, a subject that has given rise to extreme controversy in the United States in recent years. The question of flood control is obviously a vital one not only to the United States but to many other countries. It is hoped that this book may lead to a far clearer understanding of the facts involved and so may prove a truly imp