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Year Published: 2019

Scale‐dependent effects of isolation on seasonal patch colonisation by two Neotropical freshwater fishes

The metapopulation paradigm has been central to improve the conservation and management of natural populations. However, despite the large number of studies on metapopulation dynamics, the overall support for the relationships on which the paradigm is based has not been strong. Here, we studied the occupancy dynamics of two Neotropical fishes (i.e...

Penha, Jerry; Hakamada, Karlo Y. P.; Hines, James E.; Nichols, James D.

Year Published: 2019

Topographic mapping evolution: From field and photogrammetric data collection to GIS production and Linked Open Data

Whither the topographic map? Topographic mapping historically has been approached as a map factory operation through the period 1879-1990. During this time, data were field and photogrammetrically collected; cartographically verified and annotated creating a compilation manuscript; further edited, generalized, symbolized, and produced as a graphic...

Usery, E. Lynn; Varanka, Dalia E.; Davis, Larry

Year Published: 2018

Community for Data Integration fiscal year 2017 funded project report

The U.S. Geological Survey Community for Data Integration annually funds small projects focusing on data integration for interdisciplinary research, innovative data management, and demonstration of new technologies. This report provides a summary of the 11 projects funded in fiscal year 2017, outlining their goals, activities, and outputs.

Hsu, Leslie; Allstadt, Kate E.; Bell, Tara M.; Boydston, Erin E.; Erickson, Richard A.; Everette, A. Lance; Lentz, Erika E.; Peters, Jeff; Reichert, Brian E.; Nagorsen, Sarah; Sherba, Jason T.; Signell, Richard P.; Wiltermuth, Mark T.; Young, John A.
Hsu, L., Allstadt, K.E., Bell, T.M., Boydston, E.E., Erickson, R.A., Everette, A.L., Lentz, E., Peters, J., Reichert, B.E., Nagorsen, S., Sherba, J.T., Signell, R.P., Wiltermuth, M.T., and Young, J.A., 2018, Community for Data Integration fiscal year 2017 funded project report: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2018–1154, 15 p.,

Year Published: 2018

Automated road breaching to enhance extraction of natural drainage networks from elevation models through deep learning

High-resolution (HR) digital elevation models (DEMs), such as those at resolutions of 1 and 3 meters, have increasingly become more widely available, along with lidar point cloud data. In a natural environment, a detailed surface water drainage network can be extracted from a HR DEM using flow-direction and flow-accumulation modeling. However,...

Stanislawski, Larry; Brockmeyer, Tyler; Shavers, Ethan J.

Year Published: 2018

Area-preserving simplification of polygon features

Developing simplified representations of a two-dimensional polyline is an important problem in cartographic data analytics where datasets must be integrated across spatial resolutions. This problem is generally referred to as line simplification, and is increasingly driven by preservation of specific analytic properties such as positional accuracy...

Kronenfeld, Barry J.; Stanislawski, Larry V.; Brockmeyer, Tyler; Buttenfield, Barbara P.

Year Published: 2018

Similarity assessment of linear hydrographic features using high performance computing

This work discusses a current open source implementation of a line similarity assessment workflow to compare elevation-derived drainage lines with the high-resolution National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) surface-water flow network. The process identifies matching and mismatching lines in each dataset to help focus subsequent validation procedures to...

Stanislawski, Larry V.; Wendel, Jeffrey; Shavers, Ethan J.; Li, Ting
Stanislawski, L.V., Li, T., Wendel, J., and Shavers, E., 2018. Similarity assessment of linear hydrographic features using high performance computing. FOSS4G North America. May 14-16, 2018. St. Louis, Missouri.

Year Published: 2018

Classifying physiographic regimes on terrain and hydrologic factors for adaptive generalization of stream networks

Automated generalization software must accommodate multi-scale representations of hydrographic networks across a variety of geographic landscapes, because scale-related hydrography differences are known to vary in different physical conditions. While generalization algorithms have been tailored to specific regions and landscape conditions by...

Stanislawski, Larry V.; Finn, Michael P.; Buttenfield, Barbara P.
Lawrence V. Stanislawski, Michael P. Finn & Barbara P. Buttenfield (2018): Classifying physiographic regimes on terrain and hydrologic factors for adaptive generalization of stream networks, International Journal of Cartography, DOI: 10.1080/23729333.2018.1443759

Year Published: 2018

A comparison of synthetic flowpaths derived from light detection and ranging topobathymetric data and National Hydrography Dataset High Resolution Flowlines

Bathymetric and topobathymetric light detection and ranging (lidar) digital elevation models created for the Delaware River were provided to the National Geospatial Program and used to evaluate synthetic flowpath extraction from bathymetric/topobathymetric lidar survey data as a data source for improving the density, distribution, and connectivity...

Miller-Corbett, Cynthia
Miller-Corbett, C., 2018, A comparison of synthetic flowpaths derived from light detection and ranging topobathymetric data and National Hydrography Dataset high resolution flowlines: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2018–1058, 29 p.,

Year Published: 2018

The map as knowledge base

This paper examines the concept and implementation of a map as a knowledge base. A map as a knowledge base means that the visual map is not only the descriptive compilation of data and design principles, but also involves a compilation of semantic propositions and logical predicates that create a body of knowledge organized as a map. The digital...

Varanka, Dalia E.; Usery, E. Lynn

Year Published: 2018

Generalizing linear stream features to preserve sinuosity for analysis and display: A pilot study in multi-scale data science

Cartographic generalization can impact geometric properties of geospatial data and subsequent analyses. This study evaluates simplification methods with the goal of preserving geometric details, such as sinuosity. We evaluate two recently developed line simplification algorithms that introduce Steiner points: Raposo’s Spatial Means, and Kronenfeld...

Stanislawski, Larry V.; Kronenfeld, Barry J.; Buttenfield, Barbara P.; Brockmeyer, Tyler (Contractor)

Year Published: 2018

Modeling and simulation of emergent behavior in transportation infrastructure restoration

The objective of this chapter is to create a methodology to model the emergent behavior during a disruption in the transportation system and that calculates economic losses due to such a disruption, and to understand how an extreme event affects the road transportation network. The chapter discusses a system dynamics approach which is used to...

Ojha, Akhilesh; Corns, Steven; Shoberg, Thomas G.; Qin, Ruwen; Long, Suzanna K.
Ojha, A., Corns, S., Shoberg, T., Qin, R., and Long, S., 2018. Modeling and Simulation of Emergent Behavior in Transportation Infrastructure Restoration, in Mittal, S., Diallo, S., and Tolk, A., eds., Emergent Behavior in Complex Systems Engineering: A Modeling Simulation Approach. Chapter 15. 349-368.

Year Published: 2018

An open source high-performance solution to extract surface water drainage networks from diverse terrain conditions

This paper describes a workflow for automating the extraction of elevation-derived stream lines using open source tools with parallel computing support and testing the effectiveness of procedures in various terrain conditions within the conterminous United States. Drainage networks are extracted from the US Geological Survey 1/3 arc-second 3D...

Stanislawski, Larry V.; Survila, Kornelijus; Wendel, Jeffrey; Liu, Yan; Buttenfield, Barbara P.
Stanislawski, L.V., Survila, K., Wendel, J., Liu, Y., and Buttenfield, B.P. 2016. An Open Source Solution to High Performance Processing for Extracting Surface Water Drainage Networks from Diverse Terrain Conditions. AutoCarto 2016, September 14-16, Albuquerque, New Mexico